Robin McGraw joins Time Out With Terra to discuss... -How to have a long lasting marriage -Robin's domestic violence and sexual assault charity, When Georgia Smiled Foundation https://www.whengeorgiasmiled.org -The Dr. Phil Show -Being a grandmother -I've Got A Secret Podcast https://www.ivegotasecretwithrobinmcgraw.com/continue-blog-8/summer-fav -So much more! Follow Robin on Socials! Instagram: @robin_mcgraw Twitter: @robin_mcgraw About Robin: Drphil.com Aspire News App (Domestic...
Published 09/09/21
Annalynne McCord joins Time Out With Terra to talk about...-Trauma work -A part of her story -Healing -DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) -Her Podcast, Unzipped -So much more!-Her Organization http://thelovestorm.com (Donate!)AnnaLynne McCord Biography AnnaLynne McCord - Actress, Director and President of Together1Heart -  AnnaLynne McCord is an American actress, writer, director and producer. Known for playing the vixen, vamp and roles of a darker nature, McCord first gained prominence...
Published 06/04/21
Delaney Childs joins Time Out With Terra to talk about.. -Fashion -Positivity -Her new clothing company -How she got started -Mental Health -So much more!ABOUT Delaney Childs  Fashion and Lifestyle blogger Delaney Childs,  started her blogging career as ‘The Styled Seed’,  but as she grew (excuse the pun) she decided to revert back you her roots and be @DelaneyChilds.   Originally from the Reno, NV, Delaney has moved  to The OC to explore and create new memories in  her new home with her...
Published 05/28/21
Chris Medina, Psychic Medium and close friend joins Time Out With Terra. In this episode we talk about...-Chris Medina, a different kind of psychic medium-Terra's love life-Gemini's -a mini reading for Terra-Sex phone calls Meet Chris Medina Get ready for a different kind of psychic. Real, raw and unfiltered, Chris Medina — the “Howard Stern of psychics” — represents a whole new brand of spiritual influencers. A natural-born psychic coming from a long line of Apache Native American psychics,...
Published 05/21/21
Vicki Gunvalson joins Time Out With Terra to talk about her past relationship with a con-man. Vicki also talks about leaving the show, financial advice, and so much more! VICKI GUNVALSON (https://vickigunvalson.com/about-2/) The “OG of the OC,” Vicki Gunvalson has appeared on The Real Housewives of Orange County since its first season. As a successful entrepreneur, reality star, mother and grandmother, she has redefined what it means to be a powerful modern woman. Her ability to evolve while...
Published 05/14/21
Terra's good friend, Lacy joins Time Out With Terra to talk about her kidnapping, childhood trauma, the shame to sparkle, and her healing journey. Lacy's instagram: @lacyocLacy's podcast instagram: @shametosparkle Listen to Shame To Sparkle! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/shame-to-sparkle/id1538698374#episodeGuid=a6d3bc85-9704-4fe1-9fb8-6ae63ca8247b
Published 05/12/21
Clare Crawley joins Time Out With Terra to talk about...-What she's up to today -Being a survivor of CPTSD and Sexual Trauma -How to do some of the healing work-Theracane (Linked Here) (Link to more info!)-Body and Trauma (The Body Keeps Score Book) -Stalking -A Triggering scene on The Bachelorette Clare Crawley is a reality star known for being the lead on season 16 of The Bachelorette and the runner up in season 18 of The Bachelor.  Clare Crawley has also competed in ABC’s spin-offs of ...
Published 05/08/21
Jackson Michie, Winner of Season 21 of Big Brother joins Time Out With Terra. Jackson comes on to talk about his healing journey and finding himself after Big Brother. We also talk about toxic masculinity, what it takes to heal, a dirty date, and cannabis. Tune in to this episode!Check out more of Jackson Michie https://hoo.be/jacksonmichie
Published 04/29/21
Ali Levine comes back on Time Out With Terra! Ali Levine is a Mom, a Podcast Host, a Celeb Stylist! Ali really does it all. In this episode we catch up, talk a little about the pandemic, and Ali having her baby. Tune in! Ali's Website: https://alilevine.com Ali's Instagram: @alilevinedesign (https://www.instagram.com/alilevinedesign/) Ali's Podcast: EVERYTHING with ALI LEVINE (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/everything-with-ali-levine/id1464605227)
Published 01/29/21
In this episode of Time Out With Terra, I have on Felicia Romero. Felicia is a business/ fitness coach and also has the podcast, The Diet Drop Out. This episode originally aired at PodVCon. Felicia and Terra talk about coaching, health, and narcissist. Tune into this episode! Felicia's Instagram: @feliciaromero (https://www.instagram.com/feliciaromero/?hl=en) The Diet Dropout Podcast (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/diet-dropout-a-fresh-take-on-fitness/id1452882382)  
Published 01/21/21
Stephie joins Time Out With Terra to talk about getting healthy! We talk about gut health and about Dirty Dates!  Stephie is a lover of all good things in health, life, experience, and travel. No matter what, she tries to keep a positive outlook and see the glass half full. Through health, changing my eating habits, and lifestyle, Stephie has healed herself from chronic illness. She wants nothing more than to be of service to the world. She is passionate about people, food, Music, and good...
Published 11/06/20
Ashley Iaconetti Haibon from the Bachelor family joins Time Out With Terra. This episode is quite a throw back! We talk about the end of Peters season, Claire's season, and about her life prior to Covid times! Tune in! Ashley's Instagram: @ashley_iaconetti (https://www.instagram.com/ashley_iaconetti/?hl=en) Ashley's Podcast: I Don't Get It (https://idontgetit.libsyn.com) .       Almost Famous Podcast...
Published 10/13/20
Derek Sherman from Season 20 of Married At First Sight, joins episode 36 of Time Out With Terra. We chat about life after Married at First Sight and about life in Covid. Tune into this episode! Derek Sherman's Instagram: @drockingsherm (https://www.instagram.com/drockingsherm/?hl=en)
Published 09/20/20
Gabrielle Ortega, Owner and Founder of OM Therapy Coaching, comes on Time Out With Terra! She comes on to talk about trauma recovery.    Gabrielle is a sparkly, slightly-goofy, and all-around badass Soulful Leadership + Business Coach, who helps people learn how to decode their mind, heal from past wounds, discover their power, and break through to living their best life ever!   She integrates her knowledge as a trauma-informed therapist with her experience as an online, high 6-figure...
Published 08/29/20
Jackie Coban joins this episode of Time Out With Terra. Jackie is a NY/NJ-based coach whose mission is to help people learn themselves and others so they can sustainably go further in life, love, and work. Jackie's life coaching company is called, Table for 9 coaching.  Table for 9 Coaching is a coaching service that is structured just for you with a triple-certified coach: in Life Coaching, Enneagram Coaching, and Neurolinguistic Programming. Using individual personalities (the...
Published 07/28/20
In this episode of Time Out With Terra, I have on Astrologer Kyle Thomas. Kyle and I discuss what is Astrology along with what is going on with the end of Mercury Retrograde. We get into my love life along with discussing my star chart! Tune in! Kyle Thomas's Website: https://www.kylethomasastrology.com Kyle's Instagram: @mrkylethomas (https://www.instagram.com/mrkylethomas/?hl=en) Kyle's Twitter: @Mr_KyleThomas (https://twitter.com/mr_kylethomas?lang=en)
Published 07/14/20
Super Veterinarian Lisa Lippman and Comedian Richie Redding from the Podcast We Don't Deserve Dogs comes on Time Out With Terra! We chat about Lisa and Richie's personal experience with Covid, along with weird object dogs eat, and dirty dating stories! Tune in! We Don't Deserve Dogs Podcast (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/we-dont-deserve-dogs/id1482431848) Dr. Lisa Lippman's Website: https://www.drlisalippman.com/ Instagram: @drlisalippman...
Published 07/01/20
Danielle Jbali from 90 Day Fiancé joins this episode of Time Out With Terra! Danielle talks about her experience being on 90 day fiancé along with her experience with the K1 visa process. Danielle also opens up about her healing process after her relationship. Tune in to hear some of her story! 
Published 04/02/20
Published 04/02/20
Actor Johnathon Schaech from That Thing You Do, joins Time Out With Terra. He comes on and talks about his personal trauma that he experience on one of his earlier films as an actor. Johnathon is a huge advocate for victims rights, especially as it relates to sexual violence—he helps set the sexual harassment policies for SAG-AFTRA and has been one of the most vocal male voices in the #MeToo movement. Johnathon's Instagram: @johnschaech (https://www.instagram.com/johnschaech/) Be sure to...
Published 03/23/20
In this episode of Time Out With Terra, I have on a Narcissist/ Sociopath Life Coach. She tells us about some of the recovery after being with a Narcissist along with some of the personality traits to looks out for. We dig in deep and give out a lot of information on a Narcissist.  Tune in! Narcissist. Sociopath Awareness Website (http://narcissist-sociopath-awareness.com) Instagram: @narcissist.sociopath.awarenes2 (https://www.instagram.com/narcissist.sociopath.awarenes2/?hl=en)
Published 03/19/20
Rob Kowalski, author of Why Waiting Works (https://www.whywaitingworks.com/) and Founder of CityFam (http://www.cityfam.com/) , a Maryland-based non-profit organization whose mission is to To Create Communities Who Do Life With Purpose.  Rob is a self-proclaimed reformed bad boy. Once the biggest stripper and nightclub promoter in his hometown of Baltimore, he had a radical life-changing encounter with Jesus that transformed him forever. His testimony from life of excess to redemption has...
Published 03/04/20
Danielle Lombard from Season 21 of The Bachelor and Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise joins Time Out With Terra. Danielle comes on this episode to talk about what she is up to now, relationships, self care, and Bachelor! Danielle's Instagram: @daniellellombard (https://www.instagram.com/daniellellombard/?hl=en) Danielle's Twitter: @danielleIombard (https://twitter.com/danielleIombard?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor)
Published 02/25/20
Sarah Turney, the host of the podcast, Voices For Justice joins Time Out With Terra. We discuss Sarah's sister, Alissa Turney's, missing persons case. It's a long and complicated story. Their father, is and always has been the only "person of interest" in this case. We talk about that along with so many other interesting details of this case!
Published 02/18/20
Christina Nicholson is a South Florida blogger, small business owner, (http://mediamavenandmore.com/) and mother of three, blogging in sunny Palm Beach County. Christina All Day is a lifestyle blog written by a former TV reporter and anchor. When she's not working, she loves to get out and about in the Palm Beach area with her kids, explore new things, attend fun events, meet unique people, and try different things. She now owns and operates a full-service public relations firm...
Published 02/04/20