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Missing students, isolated tract housing, and a dangerously hot neighbor - we're recapping the 2011 remake of Fright Night! We know we said we usually favor the originals, but when Toni Collette is in the remake...all bets are off. Fright Night is available to rent for $3.99 00:00 - Episode starts 12:47 - Trivia 22:17 - Recap starts If you like the podcast and would like to support us, please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! Or rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. You can also join our Patreon and get some fun perks like bonus episodes, bingo cards, trailer reaction videos and more.  Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @tsdwpodcast Check out our merchandise here And last but not least if you want to write us some snail mail (we absolutely love to see/read it) you can send it to: P. O. Box 29562 Los Angeles, CA 90029
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Two sisters, underground cities, and the most unsafe parking spot you've ever seen - we're recapping James Wan's unhinged new horror film Malignant! Join us on this truly wild ride. Malignant is in theaters and streaming on HBO Max. 00:00 - Shout outs 02:24 - Episode starts 16:23 -...
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Hook hands, bee stings, and some truly brutal pranks - we're recapping the long anticipated Candyman! Join us as we say his name five times into the mirror. Candyman is now in theaters. 00:00 - Shoutouts 02:48 - Episode starts 20:33 - Trivia 35:03 - Recap starts If you like the...
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90s era bullying, homemade cocaine, and some very very thirsty teachers - we're recapping The Faculty! Critics are calling this movie HIP and SCARY, and we'll be damned if that's not the highest praise we've ever heard. The Faculty is streaming on Showtime or is available to rent for...
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