In this podcast ,Barrett sits down with Marcel Burke and Jesse DeTevitas chat it up about the exciting new venture they are on to podcast and give back to their community after both overcoming the odds. From prison to fatherhood to community outreach, these guys are all business and all heart. Listen in and support them as they go out into their communities to facilitate REAL CHANGE for our youth.
Published 04/01/19
We hear from Dave Stagno aka “Tony Alone” writer, producer, and guitarist from “Kitten” the band. Kitten most recently has opened for such bands as Smashing Pumpkins, Blue October, and Charlie XCX. He shares how his love for music started in his life and how it has evolved over the years -from the struggles in the music industry, playing multiple shows in front of two people, to being discovered and now writing, producing, and playing for thousands of fans. Find Dave @tony.alone and...
Published 02/07/19
In episode 18 our hosts debrief their first season. They reflect on some things they have learned and look ahead to some to the topics and guests they are looking forward to in season 2.
Published 01/20/19
In this episode, Jon and Barrett discuss change. Barrett takes a little deeper look into a recent change that could have spiraled him out of control, but explains how even some of the most drastic circumstances can produce incredible opportunities. Listen as we take it back to our teenage years, first jobs, and what we have learned those experiences on how to move forward through uncertainty. Welcome to the conversation!
Published 12/17/18
Fashion and theology, we know what you must be thinking...“WTF?!”  We tend to push the edges of big topics like theology on our podcast, but fashion…?  Bob Covolo has not only one, but two PhDs--one PhD in theology (i.e. the study of God) and one PhD in fashion.  Bob is currently the pastor of Theological Formation (yeah, we’re going to have to ask him about that title too) at Christ Church in Sierra Madre.  This dude is also an amazing surfer, like really amazing, and an all around great guy.
Published 10/25/18
Who doesn’t dream of being a movie star?  This week on Transmission Accomplished we interview a real life actor in movies and television.  Cooper Thornton has been on numerous tv show and movies over the years. From the movie Sully, the hit comedy show Parks and Recreation to one of our co-hosts favorite shows of all time, Scrubs.   Tune in this week as we get an inside look at the life of a working actor on this week’s episode, “Life on the Set” with Cooper Thornton.
Published 09/25/18
There are a lot of ideas and concerns competing for space in our heads these days. Whether it's our kids, work, friends, or general stresses of life, we you may find yourself seeking creative personal space. Today we are going to talk about what it means to gain a little mental real estate in your mind to pursue some of the things you want to pursue. We’re going to be hearing from our co-host Barrett about life in a previous role he had, and where he’s at today.
Published 08/27/18
Normally on Transmission Accomplished we like to share and listen to stories.  There is just something about listening to ideas and experiences through the lens of a personal story.  But every now and then we like to get philosophical and talk about ideas. This week on Transmission Accomplished, our hosts talk about a quote they heard from a writer that has to do with the skill of listening.  So put your thinking caps on and tune in. Thank you for joining us and welcome to the conversation.
Published 08/13/18
Take whatever you thought you knew about nutrition and throw it out the window.  In 2010, Dr. John Tanner had a heart attack and almost died. Before his heart attack, John thought he was healthy and his doctors thought he was healthy, but waking up in a hospital one day changed everything. John came to some very important conclusions that can save your life. John’s perspective and approach definitely go against the grain of conventional wisdom. In fact, what John has to say might even upset you.
Published 07/24/18
It’s easy to appreciate and get along with people with whom you have things in common. But what about people who are different than you? This week on Transmission Accomplished Barrett and Jon each tell a story about a time they experienced and appreciated the challenges and benefits of experience a culture different than the one they were used to.
Published 07/12/18
Let’s face it, churches our known for their dramas, their ups and downs and everything in between.  This week on Transmission Accomplished we interview pastor Jon MacDonald on his adventures in starting a church.  In particular we wanted to know from Jon, based on the experiences in churches some of us have had over the years, (the pain, heartache and frustrations), why in the world would someone start a church on purpose?  We think you’ll find this conversation very interesting.
Published 07/02/18
In this week’s episode, we sit down with Scott and talk with him about his interest and pursuit of foraging in the wilderness for food and how foraging for him is also a metaphor for life, faith and spiritual seeking.  This week on Transmission Accomplished, Foraged Faith with Scott Nelson. To learn more about Scott’s work and art you can visit https://www.naturalwalls.com/ and http://www.scottdavidnelson.com/
Published 06/25/18
Episode 4: Science and History of Miracles Jon Ruthven is one smart dude.  Professor, author, theologian and expert on a range of topics from theology, church history and miracles (the list goes).   We asked Dr. Ruthven to join us in the studio to talk about research and work he has done on miracles, and in particular, the scientific study and history of miracles. We cover some serious ground in this week’s episode, the “Science and History of Miracles”.
Published 06/17/18
My friend Tim Klein was killed on June 2, 2018 in a climbing accident on El Capitan rock in Yosemite Valley.  They will both be greatly missed by many people, including me. This episode was recorded before Tim’s death in our makeshift studio in Barrett’s house. Although Barrett and I were kind of practicing with this podcast episode at his house, I thought it was fitting that we release the recording in memory of Tim Klein.
Published 06/08/18
In part 2 of our interview with Anthony Peters, we get a chance to talk about some of the high points and low points of his work in the California Judicial System, how in some cases drug abuse and mental illness plays a role in the addiction cycle, and a story of a second chance where all hope may have seemed lost. Welcome to the conversation!
Published 06/01/18
In our first episode as "Transmission Accomplished" we were honored that our first guest to start off the show would be our friend Anthony Peters. We hope you enjoy Part I of this two part series as we kick off our new show. Transmission Accomplished is a show about bringing stories together.  Hosted by two friends from very different walks of life, each week’s podcast features outside the box conversations about life, religion and spirituality.  
Published 05/24/18
Two friends from two different walks of life fire up the podcast microphones every other week for hard hitting discussions on faith from two very different perspectives.  
Published 05/08/18
Beaten down and at the end of his rope, Barrett limped into a rehabilitation facility in 2007.  When Barrett tried to check in, the director of the program told Barrett something that surprised Barrett and caught him off guard.  Tune in to learn what the director told Barrett, and how the director’s comment sent Barrett in a direction that changed his life forever.   
Published 04/03/18
 Barrett and Jon are by no means big wave surfers (though they enjoy surfing on occasion), but they both know what it is like to get in over your head and be held down for what seems like an eternity.  Rather than see life’s overwhelming challenges as unfortunate, unnecessary or bad luck, Barrett and Jon talk about what it means to experience difficult times as a rite of passage and how enduring two wave hold downs of our own can led to a more meaningful and richer experience of life.  
Published 03/20/18
A former pastor and an ex-con discuss life, religion and spiritual seeking.   Two friends from two different walks of life fire up the podcast microphones every other week for hard hitting discussions on faith from two very different perspectives.  
Published 03/05/18