How do you make your design system an internal rooted practice? Our guest today is Dan Mall, entrepreneur and author of Design That Scales. You’ll learn how small practices can evolve into a design system, why adoption should tie in to your company’s mission statement, how to declare your strategic plan when establishing a design system, and more.
Published 06/07/24
How can you get more mileage out of your existing content? In this episode, we talk to Kai Davis, an SEO consultant. You'll learn how often you should update your pages, the two levers for improving your SEO, how to use heat mapping, and more.
Published 05/17/24
What design interventions can help improve human connection in your software product? Our guest today is Evelyn Gosnell, behavior scientist and managing director at Irrational Labs. You’ll learn what behavioral design is, the foundational principles of human connection, how AI products are trying to establish trust and connection with their users, and more.
Published 05/03/24
How do you leverage data for SaaS growth? In this episode, we talk to Arpit Choudhury, founder of Databeats. You'll learn what makes a robust data foundation, how teams can work together to collect data, why less data is better, and more.
Published 04/19/24
What should you consider when using map components in your product? Our guest today is Loren Baxter, lead designer for Felt Maps. You’ll learn how to start thinking in terms of maps, how to approach UX interactions and animations, what types of information can be included, and more.
Published 04/05/24
How can we get better at SaaS pricing and packaging? In this episode, we talk to Dan Balcauski, founder and chief pricing officer at Product Tranquility. You'll learn what department should own the pricing function, how often you should revisit pricing, why you shouldn’t A/B test your pricing, and more.
Published 03/22/24
Ready to learn tricks of the trade from professional user researchers? Our guest today is Steve Portigal, user research consultant and author of Interviewing Users. You’ll learn how to prepare for a user interview, what your interview guide should contain, behavior cues to look out for, and more.
Published 03/08/24
How do you run and manage a multi-product portfolio? In this episode, we talk to Tim Schumacher, co-founder and CEO of saas.group. You'll learn how they developed their acquisition model, the importance of setting up central teams for operative tasks, why founders need to think about successors, and more.
Published 02/23/24
What are the three principles of taking and managing notes? Our guest today is Jorge Arango, an information architect, author, and educator. You’ll learn about the evolution of knowledge management tools, how digital note-taking systems have extended our capabilities, why you should choose the right tools for different types of notes, and more.
Published 02/09/24
With so many elements involved in email marketing, what does the quality assurance process look like? In this episode, we talk to Michael Wilding, a marketing automation architect. You'll learn how QA is done in larger organizations, why creating a base template is important, how to do QA on your workflows, and how to test your emails using different methods.
Published 01/26/24
What does successful product management look like for a bigger team? Our guest today is Benjamin Humphrey, co-founder and CEO of Dovetail. You’ll learn why designers hold more product management power at Dovetail, how product knowledge is shared across their team, why product marketing is important, and more.
Published 01/12/24
How do you come up with new ideas for A/B testing in B2B SaaS? In this episode, we talk to Sahil Patel, CEO of Spiralyze. You'll learn why you should get inspiration from the tests run by other companies, how early you should invest in A/B testing, where to use disruptions in your website design, and more.
Published 12/22/23
How can designers gain domain knowledge while working on a highly technical product? Our guest today is Ridhima Gupta, lead product designer at Databricks. You’ll learn how to work with deeply technical stakeholders, why it’s okay to admit when you don’t understand something, their product development process at Databricks, and more.
Published 12/08/23
How do you build and grow a community-led business? In this episode, we talk to Lloyed Lobo, co-founder of Boast.ai and author of From Grassroots to Greatness. You'll learn about the four stages companies go through to become a global phenomenon, the values for building a sustainable community-led business, how to nurture brand evangelists, and more.
Published 11/17/23
How do you measure customer satisfaction in a complex customer journey? Our guest today is Debbie Levitt, “The Mary Poppins of UX and CX” and author of Customers Know You Suck. You’ll learn how customer satisfaction relates to customer loyalty, why you should measure satisfaction qualitatively and quantitatively, how you can better capture and understand customer frustration, and more.
Published 11/03/23
How can automated webinars help your product grow? In this episode, we talk to Melissa Kwan, co-founder and CEO of eWebinar. You'll learn the difference between live-first and automated webinar solutions, why you should be honest with your prospects, how you can make your on-demand demo effective, and more.
Published 10/20/23
What should you consider when designing a learning process? Our guest today is Jenae Cohn, the author of Design for Learning. You’ll learn the motivation behind writing the book, how to choose the right format for your training, what interaction formats work best for different group sizes, and more.
Published 10/06/23
How do you market a product that serves multiple jobs-to-be-done? In this episode, we talk to Geoff Roberts, co-founder of Outseta. You'll learn about their special approach to SEO, why you should sometimes prioritize resonance over reach, the importance of narrowing down on your audience, and more.
Published 09/22/23
How can we better support research teams? Our guest today is Kate Towsey, research ops guru and the author of Research That Scales. You’ll learn when it’s time to invest in research ops, how to scale research teams, what library science can contribute to the field, and more.
Published 09/08/23
Why should startups invest early in lifecycle marketing? In this episode, we talk to Nout Boctor-Smith, growth marketing consultant at Nine Lives Digital. You'll learn the difference between B2C and B2B lifecycle marketing, why customer centricity is important, how to market to sensitive audiences, and more.
Published 08/25/23
What publishing options are available to first-time authors writing about design? Our guest today is Louis Rosenfeld, founder of Rosenfeld Media and co-author of multiple books on information architecture. You’ll learn about his motivation for establishing his publishing company, how they help book authors develop their ideas, how compensation works in different publishing scenarios, and more.
Published 08/11/23
How can B2B brands become more authentic and straightforward in their messaging? In this episode, we talk to Sarah McCredie, director of product marketing at Recurly. You'll learn what marketing for humans is, which brands are nailing it, why you shouldn’t be afraid to rebrand, and more.
Published 07/28/23
In the world of business goals and KPIs, how do we make space for user respect? Our guest today is Christina Nguyen White, Vice President of Design at Loom. You’ll learn the definition of user respect, how Loom leveraged user respect to redesign their desktop app, how they help users who are not exactly comfortable with videos, and more.
Published 07/21/23
How do you know if a subscriber is due for a re-engagement campaign? In this episode, we talk to Tim Hart, senior email developer at Response Labs. You'll learn what incentives you can offer to reactivate subscribers, what engagement metrics matter the most, how often you should be pruning your email list, and more.
Published 07/14/23