How do you measure the ROI of your emails? In this episode, we talk to Claudiu Murariu, co-founder and CEO of InnerTrends. You'll learn about the role email plays in a product, how to track the impact of your email, two types of impact from sending a message, and more.
Published 11/25/22
How do you build a sustainable content strategy practice? Our guest today is Natalie Marie Dunbar, author of From Solo to Scaled. You’ll learn what a content strategy practice is, how different teams work together to implement it, the five components of the content strategy practice blueprint, and more.
Published 11/18/22
How can SaaS marketers benefit from content curation? In this episode, we talk to Jonathan Gandolf, founder and CEO of The Juice. You'll learn how to curate your content lineup manually, why content distribution is important, and more.
Published 11/11/22
How do you design for a retailer brand that has thousands of products? Our guest today is Todd Maute, partner at CBX. You’ll learn about the structures of the retail branding and retail packaging industries, how a design idea becomes a finished product on the shelf, their advice for designers who want to go into packaging, and more.
Published 11/04/22
Can we, mere mortals of email marketing, influence email deliverability? In this episode, we talk to Lauren Meyer, chief marketing officer at SocketLabs. You'll learn about the mechanism of how an email is delivered, the factors that affect deliverability, why you should use engagement metrics as proxies for deliverability, and more.
Published 10/28/22
Designers or not, we practice creativity every day. What are some of the laws that govern creativity? Our guest today is Joey Cofone, founder of Baron Fig. You’ll learn about his decade-long journey of writing the book, his advice for storytelling, why you should care about creativity, and more.
Published 10/21/22
When is the right time to think about your email strategy? In this episode, we talk to Samar Owais, email strategist and founder of Emails Done Right. You'll learn about the extended onboarding flows, how to increase conversions from your mailing list, how to do discounts for SaaS the right way, and more.
Published 10/17/22
What does “slow design” mean for us, practitioners? Our guest today is Pree Kolari, VP of design at Klaviyo. You’ll learn about the three thesis statements of slow design, why design is important in building long-term relationships, how to build a remarkable product, and more.
Published 10/07/22
What does it mean to run a product-led organization? In this episode, we talk to Todd Olson, co-founder and CEO of Pendo. You'll learn about the three pillars of product-led growth, the sales process for a highly technical product, the benefits of having a free plan, and more.
Published 09/30/22
These days, you can talk with the digital things around you, like voice assistants and chatbots. How are these experiences designed? Our guest today is Rebecca Evanhoe, co-author of Conversations with Things. You’ll learn about the four pillars of conversational design, what prototyping looks like for this field, how to develop a personality for your voice application, and more.
Published 09/23/22
Why do SaaS founders have a unique advantage at doing sales? In this episode, we talk to Josh Ho, founder and CEO of Referral Rock. You'll learn why you should lean into your founder superpowers, how to choose the right CRM, what to ask during a discovery call, and more.
Published 09/16/22
How can a self-audit help you move forward in your design career? Our guest today is Rajeev Subramanian, founder of Shift UX. You’ll learn about the three stages of doing a self-audit, why it’s important to lean into a specific niche, how this process can help inform your job search strategies, and more.
Published 09/09/22
How do you leverage monetization for growth? In this episode, we talk to John Kotowski, founder and CEO of Buyerson, Inc. You'll learn about the importance of identifying your buyer persona, the three growth tactics through monetization, who should own the pricing problem, and more.
Published 09/02/22
How can you monetize your email list? Our guest today is Chase Dimond, email marketer and founder of multiple companies. You’ll learn how to grow your email list, why you should hyperfocus on your niche, how to run a paid newsletter, how to keep your email list clean, and more.
Published 08/26/22
Can your roadmap be better than a traditional timeline? In this episode, we talk to Janna Bastow, co-founder of ProdPad. You'll learn why product teams are moving away from time-based roadmaps, how this framework allows flexibility, and why it’s okay to apply only some parts of a methodology based on your situation.
Published 08/19/22
What’s the best way to drive product engagement without getting in the user’s way? Our guest today is Pulkit Agrawal, co-founder and CEO of Chameleon. You’ll learn why less is more in onboarding, practical tips on how to conduct A/B testing of your onboarding process, why it’s important to understand the pain point from the user perspective, and more.
Published 07/29/22
What is employee experience, and how does it affect the downstream user experience? Our guest today is Jen Briselli, chief design strategy officer at Mad*Pow. You’ll learn about the components of employee experience, why organizations should care to improve it, how to map the ecosystem through a service design lens, and more.
Published 07/22/22
How do you find that elusive product-market fit? In this episode, we talk to Andrew Reifman, co-founder and chief product officer at Makeswift. You'll learn why you need to get your product out there as early as possible, how to follow your gut feel in finding the fit, why you should focus on your core product, and more.
Published 07/18/22
What is customer experience, and why does it involve a multi-disciplinary team? Our guest today is Gene Lee, the Chief Experience Officer at Mailchimp. You’ll learn about the “bookends” and curating touchpoints in the customer journey, conducting experience reviews, using Voice of the Customer data to prioritize roadmaps, and more.
Published 07/08/22
How do you conduct a survey-based research project? In this episode, we talk to Becky Lawlor, founder of Sparkifico. You'll learn about the benefits of doing research content, how to identify the angle for your research, what to include when identifying your audience, tools that you can use for conducting the survey, and more.
Published 07/01/22
How do we bring fun into our work and design? Our guest today is Rafa Conde, founding designer at Along Video. You’ll learn strategies on how to design freely within bounds, elements of design that contribute to delight, tips on how to manage time with the goal of enjoyment, and more.
Published 06/28/22
How do we make the most of our data in Google Analytics? It’s free and extremely powerful, but also intimidating. In this episode, we talk to Julian Juenemann, founder of MeasureSchool and a Google Analytics expert. You'll learn how Google Analytics has evolved over the years, the benefits of organizing your data, tips when using Google's entire suite of data tools, and more.
Published 06/22/22
How can we design effectively for stressful situations, like life and death ones? Our guest today is Katie Swindler, design strategist at Allstate. You’ll learn the role of human intuition in high-stress situations, how to use visuals and sounds in life and death design, what situations warrant special design decisions, and more.
Published 06/11/22
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with John Doherty, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Credo and EditorNinja. You'll learn why you should first focus on the supplier side, how to reduce friction for all parties, tips for scaling marketplaces, and more.
Published 06/04/22