Can you run a successful company while keeping a calm workplace? What practices lead to logical and thoughtful decision making, even in times of high stress? Our guest today is Hanne Vervaeck, COO at Thrive Themes. You’ll learn what “calm” means to them, practical tips on hiring, how they approach work boundaries and goals, and more.
Published 07/23/21
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with Jonny Burch, co-founder and CEO of Progression. We discuss several challenges they face while operating in the HR space — from selling their software to aligning vocabulary with customers.
Published 07/19/21
What are the principles of intuitive product design? How do we apply them to general-use software, such as a presentation tool? Our guest today is Fabricio Rosa Marques, Head of Product Design at Pitch. You’ll learn the story behind their product, how they arrive at design consensus, how they delight users, and more.
Published 07/09/21
Can you run effective meetings and still protect maker time? Yes, and you can even transform meetings into delightful, collaborative parts of the day. Our guest today is Douglas Ferguson, President of Voltage Control and author of Magical Meetings. You’ll learn what meetings aren’t necessary, how to run meetings that are, tips on how to make those meetings magical, and more.
Published 06/25/21
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with Ashutosh Priyadarshy, founder of Sunsama. You'll learn the story behind their productivity tool, how they define customer success, qualify new customers, and more.
Published 06/18/21
A healthy co-founder relationship is the foundation of a good business. How can we prevent conflicts and alleviate friction? Our guest today is Shai Schechter, co-founder of RightMessage. You’ll learn the story behind RightMessage, how to navigate co-founder relationships, how to leverage different skills and personality types, and more.
Published 06/11/21
How can we grow as designers within teams and companies? What can we do to stay happy and do our best work? Our guest today is Scott Belsky, founder of Behance and Chief Product Officer at Adobe. You’ll learn how to think about your design career, learn from great designers, work with teammates and leaders, and more.
Published 05/28/21
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with Liz Painter, an email strategist and conversion copywriter at Comma Comma. Liz reveals several ways in which we can improve our copywriting and make meaningful connections with our users through email. The underlying theme? Talk to your users!
Published 05/21/21
What makes a successful paid ad campaign? How can we make this channel work? Our guest today is Pamela Wagner, founder and CEO of Ajala Digital. You'll learn how Pamela helps clients at her agency, what tools they use, what you can do with various budgets, how to get a better return, and more.
Published 05/14/21
How can we use data to drive discussions and solve disagreements as a product team? How can we, as designers, take a seat at the decision-making table? Today our guest is Zack Naylor, the co-founder and CEO of Aurelius. You’ll learn how to convert data into product insights, how to evaluate quantitative and qualitative data, how to say "no" to product roadmap suggestions, and more.
Published 04/30/21
Today we have another episode of Better Done Than Perfect. Listen in as we talk with Moritz Dausinger, founder of Refiner. Moritz shares the story behind his survey tool, when and how to survey your users, and many other tips for making the most of the survey data.
Published 04/23/21
What can we learn about starting new SaaS products from a multi-exit founder? Are there generalized lessons that apply for almost every product? Our guest today is Adii Pinaar, the founder of Cogsy and author of Life Profitability. You’ll learn what lessons Adii accumulated from his prior companies, how to evaluate advice before applying it, how to hire in the early stages, and more.
Published 04/16/21
What does it take to successfully run a content library for designers? What are the challenges? Our guest today is Ramy Khuffash, indie hacker and founder of Page Flows and Screenjar. You’ll learn about Ramy’s founder journey, how he works on multiple products simultaneously, how content products compare to traditional SaaS products, his pricing strategy, and more.
Published 04/05/21
How can you do better at user interviews (even if the process scares you)? Our guest today is Alli Blum, SaaS researcher and strategist. You’ll learn all about the Jobs to Be Done framework, top questions to ask, biggest challenges, best practices of conduct, and more.
Published 03/18/21
Is great illustration a privilege of industry giants? What if every software project could use it freely? Our guest today is Pablo Stanley, iconic illustrator and co-founder at Blush. He shares his take on creativity, illustration systems, his favorite brands, illustration sourcing at Blush, and more.
Published 03/05/21
Today we’re bringing you the first episode of Better Done Than Perfect’s Season 2. Join us for a talk with Alex Hillman, founder of Stacking The Bricks and author of The Tiny MBA. We discuss the company’s conception and philosophy, how they handle customer service, what makes a great course, and so much more.
Published 02/26/21
What makes a successful scheduling app? We may never know the exact answer, but we can learn from some of the best. Our guest today is Derrick Reimer, founder of SavvyCal. He shares the story behind his new product, calendar design tips, customer success insights, tool recommendations, and much more.
Published 02/22/21
What does it take to write a truly useful book? How do you measure and optimize reader engagement? Our guest today is Rob Fitzpatrick, author of The Mom Test and entrepreneur. You’ll hear Rob’s take on traditional publishing vs self-publishing, customer interviews, testing, iteration cycles, book marketing, reader profiles, and his DEEP writing framework.
Published 02/12/21
Not having an online platform these days is tantamount to being invisible. But how do you build and leverage it wisely? Today’s guest is Corbett Barr, founder and CEO of Fizzle. You’ll hear his take on social media, privacy, digital selves, platforms vs protocols, email lists, lead magnets, trends, and much more.
Published 02/05/21
As designers, we’re often used to one device format, and that may lead to mistakes. What about accessibility? How can we design seamless experiences for multiple devices? Our guest today is Cheryl Platz, author of Design Beyond Devices. You’ll hear about multimodal design, UX frameworks, system behavior models, accessibility, nudges vs notifications, brainstorming, and more.
Published 01/29/21
Designing for financial apps hides many UX challenges. Is it all about fancy dashboards? How do you balance simplicity and information density?. Our guest today is Rob Gifford, Managing Director of Experience Design at Mad*Pow. He shares his story in the profession, and provides resources, examples, research, and inspiration for anyone looking to delve into financial product design.
Published 01/22/21
We’re bringing you another special episode from the Better Done Than Perfect vault! In this episode, our guest is Kristina Quinones, Head of Customer Experience at MeetEdgar. We discuss how they do onboarding at MeetEdgar, their 7-day free trial experiment, content batching parties, and much more.
Published 01/15/21
How can we do better at designing websites and applications, so that they cater for people with special needs? Our guest today is Cat Noone, CEO of Stark. You’ll hear about Cat’s mission-driven SaaS, examples of inclusive design, her tool recommendations, as well as her expert tips on accessible design.
Published 01/08/21
How can analytics direct us to the right path for our product? And how can we lay the best foundations for measuring website engagement? Our guest today is Helena Ronis, founder and CEO of AllFactors. You’ll hear Helena’s recommendations on analytics, content marketing, driving traffic, SEO, engagement, readership, and much more.
Published 01/01/21
Today we invite you to listen to another one of our Better Done Than Perfect episodes. Our guest is Alli Blum, SaaS consultant extraordinaire and onboarding strategist. You’ll learn about Alli’s professional journey, her definition of ideal onboarding, customer success milestones, and her bulletproof advice on conducting customer interviews.
Published 12/25/20