S23 E8: The Trial | "The Pit"
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With the trial about to begin, Greg’s lawyer explains why he’s representing Greg even though he doesn’t trust or believe him. We explore which factors could decide the verdict. With Sheree still missing, her sisters ponder what they want from the trial.
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Published 03/04/24
Roberto is in love. Without ever seeing her or talking to her, he thinks he falls deeply for Janessa. He sends thousands of dollars and begs her to leave the adult entertainment world. Everyone tells the Italian sustainable farmer that he’s being scammed. Then why is Janessa coming to meet him at...
Published 03/04/24
New Year’s Eve. Simon receives a message from a beautiful stranger, named Shirley: “Greetings…from my world to yours.” A digital flirtation begins. Then Shirley needs cash – fast. Shirley’s photo is actually adult entertainment “cam girl” Janessa Brazil and many accounts are using her image to...
Published 02/26/24