Virgin Islander Kyra Clouden is a co-creator of Adultin’, a web series that captures the lives of young people as they navigate adulthood. She is also an associate producer at ViamcomCBS’s MTV & VH1. In this episode with Behind the Scenes host Patreece DeChabert, Kyra shares her journey to becoming a producer what her day-to-day looks like, and how she continues to build and hone her craft.
Published 06/02/21
Shaheed has worked as a boom operator in the sound department on television shows like Love and Hip Hop and Young Dylan. He has even co-produced under his production company, a horror film that is soon to be released - Dog Face. In this episode, Shaheed speaks with Behind the Scenes host, Patreece DeChabert about his role as a boom operator and provides advice for those interested in this gig. Listen and share. Listen and share.
Published 05/27/21
Originally from Jamaica, Vinnetta Hylton is a Channel Operations Manager at Encompass Digital Media. She is responsible for the news and shows that hit your tv screen from companies like CW, NBC, CBS, and ABC. In this episode, with guest host Patreece Dechabert, Vinnetta takes you through a day in her work life and offers tips to be successful in this job. Listen and share.
Published 05/20/21
What goes into television and film production? St. Thomas native Glenn Callwood is going to tell you all about it, including how he got his start. Glenn is a Production Coordinator at Tyler Perry Studios. He has worked on television and film productions including Jumanji 3, BET’s House of Payne, TruTV’s Misfits and Monsters, and If Loving You is Wrong on OWN. Do you want to know what it takes to be a great candidate for this role? Listen and share.
Published 05/13/21
Sean Michael Field is an actor, award winning filmmaker, and producer. He has worked on commercials for major brands such as Burger King and Ciroc Vodka. The Bajan native also directed the short film - Soucouyantant, a thriller shot on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. In this episode, the owner of Iland Boy Films shares his journey in media with guest host Patreece Dechabert. Listen and share.
Published 05/06/21
Jolie Pollard, the CEO of Ikooma Hair, was struggling to care for her dry and frizzy hair. Jolie experimented with different products with no luck. While experimenting, the Belizean entrepreneur discovered a solution in an unlikely place - the sea. Learn how she has turned a home-made remedy into a growing eco-friendly haircare brand. Listen and share.
Published 04/01/21
Growing up, Danielle Hodge enjoyed swimming and lodging at the pool with family and friends. Her desire to make a little lime at the pool more fun, enjoyable, and inclusive gave birth to Alma Ocean, a unique inflatable pool line. The Guyanese-American is on a mission to disrupt the inflatable pool market and a whole lot more. Listen and share.
Published 03/25/21
Growing up in Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla, Tahirah knew that one day, she would be her own boss. As a young girl, she was one of the lead singers in a popular local soca band. So naturally, music served as her initial pathway to entrepreneurship. After returning to Anguilla from her studies in Houston in 2013, she embarked on multiple business ventures before landing on the Thoughtful Digital Agency. Learn how she found focus and clarity in business.
Published 03/18/21
Darilyn is the owner of Smart Foods Caribbean. Her company produces and sells specialty soaked fruits for Caribbean fruit cakes. Darilyn is also the founder of Salt Consulting, an agri-business consultancy in Tobago. Together with her team, Darilyn helps start-ups and small business owners make their agro-processing business operations more efficient and effective. Listen to her story of tenacity and grit.
Published 03/11/21
A chance encounter led Abelardo Guerrero "Mr. G." to quit his job as an educator to pursue photography. Since then, he has worked as an executive producer at The Wendy Williams Show. Mr. G. has also written the book, "My Journey with Dr. Sebi, and he has partnered with comedian Nick Cannon to produce the official Dr. Sebi documentary. Learn how he created new opportunities to succeed in business.
Published 03/04/21
One night while out dining with his wife, the St. Thomas native decided to quit his job to become a janitor. This decision gave birth to Clean Slate Janitorial Services. Gerren's business venture has taken him on a journey of self-actualization and inspired him to write the book, Fast Track Your Calling: How To Fuel Your Drive With Every Assignment. In this episode, Gerren shares how he found his calling in a toilet bowl.
Published 02/25/21
Published 02/18/21
Raquel Horsford is the founder of the health, fitness, and nutritional lifestyle brand Rock Your Best. She is also a professional dancer, choreographer, and actor. Raquel has appeared in HBO's Stomp Out Loud, in the Off Broadway sensation STOMP, and in music videos with Lenny Kravitz and Mary J. Blige. Most recently, you may have seen her in the role of Connie in the Amazon movie Sylvie's Love. Raquel brings a unique and electric style to her fitness business. She is going to tell you all...
Published 02/18/21
As a child, Kemai flaunted his natural afro and embraced his Rastafarian upbringing.  However, this was not something that was appreciated and embraced by his teachers and principal at school. Their draconian policing of his hair left Kemai feeling inadequate. Kemai later regained his confidence as a community leader. Listen to Kemai's story and be inspired.
Published 01/14/21
Avril grew up in a strict religious family with excessive rules and dogma on how she should live her life. So, when Avril became pregnant in her early twenties, she rushed to the courthouse to get married. This marriage would pose a set of problems that caused Avril to lose her identity and self-esteem. Listen to Avril’s story and be inspired.
Published 01/07/21
Like many children, Caroline Gaynor grew up playing out in the street until dusk in Jamaica. Tragedy would first strike Caroline when her father passed away when she was in high school, and later when her older brother was murdered during her senior year of college. Although she did not graduate from college due to the emotional trauma, this did not stop Caroline from becoming a doctor. Listen to Caroline’s story and be inspired!
Published 12/31/20
There are many hardships children bear the brunt of during their lives. Hardships that Vernae is no stranger to. The little girl from the Virgin Islands who grew up struggling emotionally from her parent's divorce and uncertain of her path has grown up to serve the United States as a Chief Master Sergeant. Listen to Vernae’s story and be inspired!
Published 12/23/20
Andre’s parents moved from Barbados to New York City to chase the American dream, leaving him with his grandparents. When he reunited with his parents in New York, they felt Andre’s best chance at success in the U.S. would be to assimilate, quickly. This meant eliminating any trace of his Caribbean identity. Listen to Andre’s story and be inspired!
Published 12/14/20
The third of seven children, Carol and her siblings were largely raised by their maternal grandmother – Ms. Allen. Ms. Allen showed Carol how to survive and thrive. So, when Carol moved to New York after high school, became a single mom, and later lost her job, her survival skills kicked in. Listen to Carol’s story and be inspired!
Published 12/03/20