The story of Daksha's sacrifice and how and why Shiva created Virabhadra to destroy it
Published 08/31/09
The story of Subramanyam continues with the battle against Taraka and stories about Kashyapa Rishi, the father of Soorapadhman. Chanting of Ardhanarishwara Stotram and Subramanyam Suprabhatam.
Published 05/05/09
The story of Subramanyam continues with a yagya performed by the demons to please Shiva who grants them great power. Chanting of Tandava Stotram by Ravana.
Published 05/05/09
Bhairivi, The Fierce Goddess of Decay and Destruction who has 10 different forms. Chanting of Bhairivi mantras and Saraswati Dasastotrani.
Published 05/05/09
The story of Subramanyam, from the Sri Kandha Puranam. Shiva eminates sparks from his eyes, scaring Parvati. Young Subramanyam scares both the demons and devas. Chanting of Saraswati Stotram and Sri Devi Navaratna Maalika.
Published 05/05/09
The story of Subramanyam, son of Shiva as told in the Sri Kandha Puranam by Kachiappar Sivachariyar. Chanting of Shanmuganar and the 108 names of Subramanyam.
Published 03/09/09
Using modern astronomy we can establish Agastya was alive in 4000 BC. Also, a quick look at his verses in Rig Veda. Chanting of Surya Suprabhatam and two prayers to Lalitha
Published 12/05/08
Agastya; a great Rig Veda rishi who created his own wife, author of Lalitha Sahasranam, and consumer of the oceans. Chanting of Aditya Hridayam and Lalitha Trishati
Published 11/25/08
Lakshmi is found in different forms throughout the vedic tradition. Chanting of Lakshmi Stuthi, Lakshmi Ashtakam and Sri Suktam.
Published 11/14/08
The story of Ayyappa, the child born of Vishnu and Shiva who eventually milks a leopard! Chanting of Mahishasura Mardini
Published 11/07/08
Stories of Ganesha from the Mudgala Purana describing his 8 forms. Thoughts on the inner meanings of Ganesha Puja. Chanting of Ganapati Pancharatnam and Ganesha
Published 09/09/08
There are different form and incarnations of Ganesha; one for each Yuga and each with their own great story. Chanting of Ganapati Dhynam and Ganesha Stuthi
Published 09/03/08
The story ofBaradwaja, one of the original rishis and the story of his son Drona in the Mahabharata. Chanting of Pahimam Ramachandra and Matha Maheshwari
Published 08/19/08
The story of Meenakshi, sister of Vishnu and wife of Shiva and the traditional story of the jeweled anklets. Chanting of Meenakshi Pancharatnam and Kamakshi Stotram
Published 07/27/08
The concept of gotra or lineage and stories about Kashyapa one of the original rishis. Chanting of slokas about the Surya, the Sun
Published 07/12/08
Two stories that feature birds, taken from the Mahabharata. Chanting of Garuda Dandakam and Purusha Suktam
Published 06/06/08
Shakalya bothers Yajnavalkya with disasterous results. Chanting of Saraswati Stuthi and Asvamedha Prakarana.
Published 05/15/08
Gargi and Yajnavalkya: Stories from the Brihadarnayaka Upanishad in which Gargi challenges Yajnavalkya. Chanting of Taittariya Upanishad
Published 05/15/08
Rahu and Ketu, these uniquely vedic planets and their effects in our lives. Chanting of Rahu and Ketu Kavacha and a long selection from Sama Veda.
Published 04/15/08
Madhu Vidhya, the story of Dadhyann Rishi, the Ashwin Twins, and how Indra cut off his head attempting to keep this knowledge secret. Plus chanting of Goshi Shanti, Purusha Suktam, and Rishi Suktam.
Published 04/06/08
Gosha, one of the woman seers of the Rig Veda is author of hymns on the Ashvin Twins, the divine physicians. Plus chanting of Navagraha stotras and a mantra from the Ashvameda ritual.
Published 03/27/08
An examination of Shivarati;the night of Shiva, plus stories about this festival. Also, modern versions of traditional songs about Shiva
Published 02/21/08
The conversation about Jyotish with Trisha George continues with a discussion of using astrology to predict the weather.
Published 02/19/08
An examination of their traditions followed by an amusing story about renunciation. Chanting of Trotaka Ashtakam and Guru Paduka Stotram.
Published 02/12/08
An examination of their traditions followed by an amusing story about renunciation. Chanting of Trotaka Ashtakam and Guru Paduka Stotram.
Published 02/07/08