Episode 111: Women in Drinks History, Part Two—The Grandes Dames of Champagne
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In this episode, the second in a three-part series on women in drinks history, we take a look at the magnificent grandes dames of Champagne. Many great women have stood behind some of the most prominent Champagne houses in history. Associate Digital Editor J'nai Gaither speaks with Rebecca Rosenberg, author of Champagne Widows, about the role these leading ladies, especially Madame Clicquot, or Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin, played in building such sparkling empires, from work in the vineyard and innovations in the cellar to savvy growth and international marketing strategies. Who rules the sparkling world? Grab a glass of bubbly and listen in for the remarkable answer. FOLLOW US ON: Instagram: @wineenthusiast Twitter: @WineEnthusiast Facebook: @WineEnthusiast
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