Writer at large and wine reviewer Christina Pickard talks with winemaker and sustainability advocate Dr. Irina Santiago-Brown. FOLLOW US ON: Instagram: @wineenthusiast Twitter: @WineEnthusiast Facebook: @WineEnthusiast
Published 11/16/22
Published 11/16/22
Jenny Lefcourt, founder of Jenny & Francois Selections, a wine importing company, discusses natural wine. FOLLOW US ON: Instagram: @wineenthusiast Twitter: @WineEnthusiast Facebook: @WineEnthusiast
Published 11/02/22
Stacy Briscoe chats with Vivianne Kennedy, winemaker and proprietor of RAM Cellars, and the only openly transgender winemaker. They discuss diversity within the industry, winemaking and more.   FOLLOW US ON: Instagram: @wineenthusiast Twitter: @WineEnthusiast Facebook: @WineEnthusiast
Published 10/19/22
Kara Newman talks with 'Future 40' Dr. Nicola Nice about her women focused gin liquor, Pomp and Whimsy. FOLLOW US ON: Instagram: @wineenthusiast Twitter: @WineEnthusiast Facebook: @WineEnthusiast
Published 10/05/22
Talking with the beer tastemakers about education, DEI efforts, collaboration beers, and initiatives that are increasing awareness in the beer space and among drinkers to create an inclusive industry.    FOLLOW US ON: Instagram: @wineenthusiast Twitter: @WineEnthusiast Facebook: @WineEnthusiast
Published 09/21/22
Jacy talks with Marvina Robinson, CEO and founder of Stuyvesant Champagne. She is one of the few African American women owning a Champagne brand.  FOLLOW US ON: Instagram: @wineenthusiast Twitter: @WineEnthusiast Facebook: @WineEnthusiast
Published 09/07/22
Assistant Editor Jacy Topps talks with Wanda James, former President Barack Obama's 2008 National Finance Committee member and founder and CEO of Simply Pure Dispensary. James, along with her husband, became the first Black people legally licensed in America to own a dispensary. And as a leading advocate in the cannabis industry, she also worked to get sentences dropped for people in jail for cannabis.  FOLLOW US ON: Instagram: @wineenthusiast Twitter: @WineEnthusiast Facebook:...
Published 08/24/22
Just what is regenerative agriculture? It’s not just another trendy buzzword meant to entice consumers. It’s an ancient form of agriculture that is making its way back into mainstream farming. It’s successful, not only in producing and sustaining quality agricultural products, like wine grapes, but it’s also successful in combating climate change, the effects of drought, and (most commonly overlooked) creating a healthful environment for all living things within the farm—microorganisms,...
Published 08/10/22
We talk with husband-and-wife duo Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Mathew, founders of LA’s Greenbar Distillery about sustainability in spirits. FOLLOW US ON: Instagram: @wineenthusiast Twitter: @WineEnthusiast Facebook: @WineEnthusiast  
Published 07/27/22
In this week’s episode Assistant editor Jacy Topps talks with Iris Rideau who is recognized as the first black woman to establish a winery in the United States. But that’s not where this trailblazing vintner and author's story begins.  Jacy Topps talks about Rideau’s childhood during Jim Crow, how she became an activist fighting for other marginalized people and how everything came full circle after she opened her winery. They also discuss Rideau's memoir entitled From WHITE to BLACK: One...
Published 07/13/22
There’s been a lot of talk about millennials and Gen Z, and what their changing consumption habits mean for the wine industry. In an era that offers an increasing variety of styles to chose from, do younger generations still care about traditional wines like Napa Valley’s iconic Cabernets and Chardonnays? And, perhaps more importantly, should they? In this episode, Contributing Editor Virginie Boone talks to Napa winemakers Blair Guthrie and Bertus van Zyl talk about the wine world’s...
Published 06/08/22
As New World regions grow older and more established, and many areas of the Old World not previously known for wine have come into their own as high-level producers, traditional terminology and boundaries have begun to shift. This may be most prevalent in England, where changing climates, heritage grapes and an ascendant sparkling wine scene have created what some are calling the newest of New World wine. Wine Enthusiast Contributing Editor Christina Pickard talks with Oz Clarke, renowned...
Published 05/25/22
In 2011, a case of mistaken identity resulted in hundreds of acres of Graciano being planted on California's Central Coast. The problem? Winemakers thought they were getting something else entirely—Mourvèdre. But in a surprising twist, these vineyards ended up yielding wines more intriguing than anyone expected. Now, thanks to this fortuitous accident, winemakers may have discovered a new superstar grape particularly suited to this California wine region. Contributing editor Matt Kettmann...
Published 05/11/22
Clean water is critical—for life, of course, but also for beer. This episode of the Wine Enthusiast Podcast explores how beer's most important ingredient is often overlooked by consumers, and why chemistry, conservation and cleaning are front-of-mind for brewers. Beer Editor John Holl speaks with three beer professionals who are working toward making water a larger part of beer conversations: John Kimmich of The Alchemist in Vermont, Cody Reif of New Belgium Brewing in Colorado, and Luke...
Published 04/27/22
From regenerative farming and eco-friendly packaging to water treatment, wellness-centered employee policies and beyond, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to talking sustainability in wine. In this episode, Assistant Editor Jacy Topps speaks with two industry experts—Katie Jackson of Jackson Family Wines and International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA), and Tobias Webb of Sustainable Wine and the Sustainable Wine Roundtable—about the current and future initiatives the wine...
Published 04/13/22
In this episode, the last in our three-part series in honor of Women’s History Month, we take a look at the varied yet related experiences of female winemakers.   There are many remarkable female winemakers throughout the wine world that blazed new paths to the benefit of generations to come. As the industry evolves, we assess the similar issues several of them faced, versus what points of differentiation may have affected their vision or outcome.  Senior Editor Stacy Briscoe speaks...
Published 03/30/22
In this episode, the second in a three-part series on women in drinks history, we take a look at the magnificent grandes dames of Champagne. Many great women have stood behind some of the most prominent Champagne houses in history. Associate Digital Editor J'nai Gaither speaks with Rebecca Rosenberg, author of Champagne Widows, about the role these leading ladies, especially Madame Clicquot, or Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin, played in building such sparkling empires, from work in the vineyard and...
Published 03/16/22
Evidence suggests that humans have been brewing and drinking beer for at least 13,000 years. Whether or not you’re a staunch believer in the theory that it was beer, not bread, that prompted our early ancestors to transition from hunter-gathers to farmers, the beverage has clearly played a key role in mankind’s history. Additionally, while brewing in the United States is largely a male-dominated field, women have been integral parts of the brewing process throughout history. From goddesses...
Published 03/02/22
While the idea of a warm alcoholic beverage might be generally unappealing to some, there are classics, like the hot toddy or mulled wine, that have stood the test of time and proven themselves to be very necessary wintertime staples. In this episode, we’re trying to shake off the remaining days of winter by warming up with a tasty hot drink. Senior Digital Editor Dylan Garret and Spirits Editor Kara Newman have a very real, very candid conversation about the powers—and pitfalls—of this...
Published 02/16/22
While winter across America might be unwelcome for those who prefer sunshine and warmth, for others, the frosty conditions present a unique world of opportunity. For our three guests this week—Dave Breeden from Sheldrake Point Winery, Karlton Graham from KC Bier Co., and Eleanor Leger from Eden Specialty Ciders—the polar temperatures mean the perfect conditions for creating ice beverages like ice wine, cider and beer. With the help and expertise of our guests, Contributing Editor John Holl...
Published 02/02/22
If you or someone you know isn't drinking alcohol for any reason at all, you have options. The non-alcoholic drinks space is evolving. Bars dedicated to booze-free hospitality offer creative menus, and there are scores of spirit-free bottles of booze, beer and wine at specialty shops and digital retailers. In this episode, Associate Managing Editor Emily Saladino explores non-alcoholic drinks culture with John deBary, a semi-retired bartender who is also an author, creator and CEO of...
Published 01/19/22
With the new year here, so are resolutions to make the most of the 12 months ahead. Sure, there are many classic goals to try and achieve a better version of you, but today, we’re talking resolutions for what you pour, sip and enjoy in your glass. There are countless ways to try and drink more adventurously in the year to come, including popping open precious bottles now; exploring new drink categories or emerging regions, varieties and styles; or learning more about the products you love...
Published 01/05/22
As the end of another year rapidly approaches, one seasonal drink seems to be top of everyone’s mind: Sparkling wine. But with so many types of bubbles to choose from, how do you know where to turn? From different production techniques and variety compositions to questions of food pairings and glassware, the possibilities seem near endless. In this episode, we talk about all things sparkling, including top picks and tips for bubbly bliss.
Published 12/22/21
People love to talk about wine and food pairings, pairing complementary foods and invoking the tried-and-true mantra of “what grows together, goes together.” But maybe it’s time to take a fresh approach to pairings. Contributing Editor Virginie Boone taps Napa Valley-based wine consultant Jean Hoefliger for the best tips to pair wine and mood with a variety of personalities and occasions around the holiday season. Get ready to meet your perfect wine-mood match.
Published 12/08/21