As you may have heard, mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell! This is a phrase commonly mentioned in introductory biology textbooks and reiterated throughout our lives in an effort to prove that we do, in fact, remember something from high school biology. The first published manuscript to announce this was written by Dr. Philip … Continue reading Organelles: Episode I →
Published 01/29/20
YJBM and the Yale Science Diplomats (YSD) present a podcast version of our recent Science @ Brewery live event. For more information on YJBM and our podcast, please visit medicine.yale.edu/yjbm. For more information on YSD, please visit their website, https://sciencediplomats.sites.yale.edu/, or check them out on Facebook. Sources: Emma -Investigation of fungi circadian rhythms in space: … Continue reading Self Education – Science @ Brewery →
Published 10/10/19
YJBM editors Kartiga and Huaqi interview Dr. Robert Hahn, an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about self-motivated education. For more information about YJBM or to read our latest issues, visit medicine.yale.edu/yjbm
Published 09/17/19
In the second episode for YJBM’s Clocks and Cycles Issue, Huaqi and Wei interview Xiaoyong Yang, an expert on the interactions between the circadian clock and metabolism. For more information about YJBM or to read the Clocks and Cycles issue, visit medicine.yale.edu/yjbm
Published 08/13/19
To celebrate the Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine’s 90th anniversary, the outgoing editor-in-chief and managing editor discuss the value of YJBM and reflect on its history with YJBM’s faculty advisor, Professor Jeffrey Bender, and Yale School of Medicine’s Deputy Dean for Education, Dean Richard Belitsky. To find out more about YJBM, please visit our … Continue reading Special episode: YJBM turns 90 →
Published 07/17/19
Do you feel like you get sick more often when you aren’t getting enough sleep or when you travel overseas? There might be a reason for that! For the first episode based on YJBM’s Clocks and Cycles issue, join the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine hosts, Amelia and Lisa, as they interview Dr. Silver … Continue reading Clocks and Cycles Episode 1 →
Published 07/01/19
The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast hosts will interview Dr. Thomas Brown, a former Yale professor and current member of the clinical faculty of the Keck Medical School at the University of Southern California. Listen as we discuss Dr. Brown’s research and his work running an ADHD clinic.
Published 04/29/19
Pay attention! Join Amelia Hallworth and Kelsie Cassell as they discuss attention science throughout life. We start with the neuroscience behind attention as a baby, discuss how children and adult’s attention is altered by technology, and finally look at the loss of attention in Alzheimer’s patients at the end of life. This episode is released … Continue reading Attention Science: Episode 1 →
Published 04/10/19
In the third installment of Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine’s series on ecology and evolution, YJBM podcast hosts Neal Ravindra and Kartiga Selvaganesan interview Richard Prum. Professor Prum is the William Robertson Coe Professor of Ornithology, a faculty member in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and affiliated with Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History. He … Continue reading Ecology & Evolution: Episode III →
Published 03/06/19
Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine podcast hosts, Amelia Hallworth and Kelsie Cassell provide a broad overview of the topics of ecology and evolution and highlight some of the research published in YJBM’s December 2018 issue focusing on Ecology and Evolution.
Published 02/08/19
As part of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine’s quarterly issue, focusing on Ecology & Evolution, YJBM podcasters John Ventura & Huaqi Li interview Stephen Stearns, the Edward P. Bass Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale about his work.
Published 01/18/19
Listen as we are joined by Dr. Kristaps Keggi and Dr. Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu in a conversation with our Editor-in-Chief about the importance of mentorship in medicine, the role looking back at the history of medicine has at its advancements, Yale’s surgical firsts and Yale’s role in technological innovations in orthopedics!
Published 11/16/18
The Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine Podcast hosts, John and Amelia, will interview Dr. Anjelica Gonzalez, an associate professor of biomedical engineering about medical technology for the second episode in our series on medical technology.
Published 10/23/18
Hosts John Ventura and Amelia Hallworth interview Joanna Radin, an associate professor of history of medicine and history, about medical technology.
Published 10/02/18
YJBM editors and podcast hosts chat with David Hafler, the Chair of the Department of Neurology and Professor of Neurology and Immunobiology at Yale, about the connection between food and metabolism, the nervous system, and the immune system for our second episode about food and nutritional science.
Published 08/14/18
They say you are what you eat… but are you, really? Tune in to hear about how food affects our physiology, the most eccentric fad diets, and more!
Published 08/01/18
We will be following up our first episode by interviewing a neuroscientist studying the visual cortex, Dr. Jess Cardin from the Department of Neuroscience at Yale. We will discuss our current understanding of visual processing, the role of visual cortex, her research interests, and more.
Published 06/07/18
Want to learn more about your senses? In the first episode of two on Sensory Biology and Pain, the focus topic for the March 2018 issue of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, we will discuss how our sensory systems function, how they can become dysfunctional, and how we study them.
Published 05/22/18
Dr. Pasquale Patrizio joins the YJBM podcast to talk about gene editing and the bioethics that surrounds this exciting topic. In particular, we explore the different roles gene editing plays in the clinic and in bench science.
Published 02/26/18
The podcast team at the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine will interview two deputy editors for the December 2017 Special Issue on Gene Editing. We will discuss a couple manuscripts that are in the issue and introduce the topics of gene editing from a technical and ethical perspective.
Published 02/26/18
Join us in our conversation with Dr. Caroline Zeiss, a veterinary pathologist and laboratory animal veterinarian and the director of the Yale Mouse Research Pathology Core. We discuss the power of animal models in academia and industry and how to improve translatability of animal research.
Published 11/14/17
Join us as we discuss our September 2018 issue on Comparative Medicine! What is it? Why is it important? What kind of medicine is it comparing? All these questions and more will be answered.
Published 10/27/17
Join us for our second episode on infectious diseases! Our podcast team speaks with Dr. Heidi Zapata, an Assistant Professor in the department of Internal Medicine: Infectious Disease about infections, public health, and much more!
Published 08/08/17
Want to learn more about infectious diseases? In the first episode of two on infectious diseases, the focus topic for the June 2017 issue of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, we will be discussing the history of epidemics, how infections affect our bodies, and how to prevent the spread of the infectious diseases.
Published 07/06/17
In this episode, we talk with Dr. Katerina Politi, a Pathology professor here at Yale, about the critical role of basic scientific research in the drug development process. Specifically, we delve into the way in which scientific advances in the molecular underpinnings of lung cancer have shaped emergents therapies, and vice versa.
Published 06/27/17