Colette, Claire and Kurt improvise a wonderful world of flutes, rock gods, and annoying moms who can't stop interrupting flute practice when you're trying to become the next big thing. UGHHH GOD MOOOOOOOM.
Published 06/04/21
Published 06/04/21
We paint a fictitious 1928 world of whacky mayors, elongated photo shoots, and insane political candidates in this 'sodes improv set. The living room style discussion sets this improv world up perfectly. S/o to our women voters.
Published 05/11/21
What's the secret to women? Only Captain Kirk would know. Thankfully we also take a shot at the age old question. It leads to an improv set that takes place in space (don't run just yet) and dives into intergalactic dating amongst other sci-fi tropes.
Published 04/18/21
We find out about Eric's childhood love for reptiles that leads us to explore a free form montage set including talking skillets, snobby road trippers, whacky game show introductions, and much more!
Published 03/25/21
You're stuck in a mom and pet limbo farm. An odd cop, two teenagers, and a nun surround you. This is the case for the mom in this episode's improvised set. We deep dive into late night adventures, car troubles and more!
Published 03/10/21
The Yeti fam dissects who Casper was before he became a friendly ghost, and explore a 2002 world with Blockbusters, misunderstood cults in the woods, creepy grandpas, and talking ass cheeks.
Published 02/24/21
What's a strange childhood habit? We discuss this timeless question and it influences a loose narrative about Psychedelic Toad Peddlers, undercover agents acting as trees, and a whacky principal. Don't do drugs, kids!
Published 02/08/21
What's your way of making the world a better place? Planting seeds, filming pets, and smiling at folks are a few topics of discussion. After we give our take, we delve into an improvised world of talking dogs, strange ASPCA commercials, a clueless Matthew Modine, and more!
Published 01/19/21
The Yeti fam ponders what having mountains of student debt is like, and falls into tangents on uber driving. We then improvise a freeform montage including strange teacher-student dynamics, creepy party bus drivers, devious children in aquariums, and inevitably: movie focus groups. Happy new year!
Published 01/06/21
After analyzing which Muppet would be the best secret Santa, the Yeti family explores a loose narrative that dives into alternate dimensions, worlds where humans and muppets live in harmony, and a whole lot of Christmas Spam meat talk. Happy Holidays!
Published 12/16/20
This episode's question asks the yeti family what 80's movie they want to live in. This leads to a freeform improv montage involving Molly Ringwald foley, amazon drones flying over yachts, and a veterinarian with stringent rules of pet care. A pipe dream to be sure,
Published 11/29/20
We analyze what the internet's purpose is, and how it's affected us throughout our life. Our freeform montage improv set takes us to an internet cafe, a Russian taco bell, cult meetings and more bat-s*** locations. Our newest family member, Claire Jane has her Yeti or Not debut!
Published 11/15/20
We analyze and discuss a question about love, find ourselves in DoorWorst, Idaho following a tale of an interdimensional portal, and a flower shop. Sound insane? It is.
Published 11/01/20