#110 - OCD and Comorbid Eating Disorders, Panic, and Bipolar with Brooke Miller
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In this episode, I talked with Brooke Miller, a mental health/OCD advocate, registered nurse, wife, and mom who opens up about her struggles with OCD, eating disorders, panic disorder, and bipolar disorder.  We discussed...  - her experience with these comorbidities and how they presented and affected her  - why she thinks OCD was at the center and root of other diagnoses - what recovery looks like for her and how she learned to sit with discomfort and uncertainty You can learn more about Brooke and follow her on Instagram/TikTok at @brookemillermha www.smashingstigmas.com This podcast should not be substituted, nor is meant to act as a substitute, for legitimate mental health treatment/a legitimate mental health treatment provider. This podcast and any information in it is solely the reflection of general knowledge and cannot be taken as a personal therapeutic recommendation.  To find a therapist near you to work more directly with these issues, head over to treatmyocd.com, IOCDF.org,  or nami.org. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jennaoverbaugh/support 
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