One of the greatest challenges that both amateur and even professional entertainers face is how to run their show music easily and effectively, without missing a cue. In this episode, we dive into the tech side of the industry. Even your sound is part of the live audience brand experience. The more you portray yourself as a pro the more value you offer to your buyer and your audience. 
Published 03/20/23
In this episode, Billy talks with you about how to determine the size of your brand on a prop or backdrop based on venue size. He also provides you the answer for estimated guest size for corporate events of between 480 to nearly 1,000 people, and a maximum capacity of just over nine thousand people for larger venues.
Published 02/15/23
In this episode, Billy takes time on Christmas Eve to talk about brand perception. He discusses how you can get your messaging clear as an entertainment brand and also how sending the wrong message will confuse your buyer. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Get Billy's 54-minute Online Lecture plus 5 additional downloadables (75 total pages and worksheets) for just $14.95.  >>>>>>>>...
Published 12/25/22
In this episode, we highlight the importance of the verbal side of your brand and why it is so important. Cris Johnson chats with us about strong copywriting and how to get it right for your website and email marketing campaigns. Cris Jonnson is not only a seasoned magician but he’s also a certified SEO Specialist who helps entertainers live their dreams. As the creator and host of The Professional Magician podcast, he brings decades of experience and expertise to magicians all over the...
Published 12/01/22
Millions of people the world over have marveled at the comedic magical antics and inviting personality of Leslie McKinney. He began working at Opryland and on The Nashville Network (TNN). Leslie’s first Vegas show was Wizards’ Secrets Magic Show at The MGM Grand Hotel where he did an 18-month contract. Since then his shows have been seen throughout Las Vegas at The Riviera, Fitzgerald’s, The Plaza Hotel, Sun Coast, Sam’s Town, and Planet Hollywood. Leslie recently starred in his own show...
Published 11/04/22
IN THIS EPISODE This is the kickoff of season two of The Branding For Entertainers Podcast. Let’s talk about our heroes. We all have them and sometimes it’s hard to avoid emulating them. We’ll take a look at how to become the hero of your own brand. We’ll cover visual, verbal, and virtual branding and how to position yourself so that your fans begin to look at you as a hero. Find out the voice of your brand so that you can attract your ideal audience. Take our easy free online quiz and...
Published 10/01/22
The BFE Podcast has been MIA (missing in action) for a few months but we're not gone! Get ready for a brand new listening experience as we move toward seasonal-themed episodes. Listen to this episode so that we can get you up to speed with what's next.
Published 08/16/22
IN THIS EPISODE We return with guest Mark Gindick (physical comedian, clown, and actor) where he reminds us that we are in the service business and also that the person that we bring on stage is always the star. That came about because of a story that he tells in this episode. We all probably have one of those stories where we have done a show and we have gotten somebody on stage and instantly we realized that this could be a real nightmare. Well, such is the case with this story that Mark...
Published 02/26/22
IN THIS EPISODE Oftentimes our verbal (brand) messaging is just an afterthought. How we communicate that part of our brand is important for our buyer, our audiences, and our fans. Guest Mark Gindick is an actor, physical comedian, and clown. He talks about how he developed as a performer and how he communicates his brand.  RESOURCES WORTH CHECKING: Mark's website: markgindick.com, Follow Mark on Instagram, Learn about Mark’s character - Wing-Man, Watch a quick funny video clip with Mark on...
Published 02/12/22
IN THIS EPISODE We take a peek into the why and how of virtual branding (your online presence) with special guest Landon Harvey. As a ventriloquist, Landon has over 1 million followers on TikTok and thousands on other social media platforms.  RESOURCES WORTH CHECKING Landon on TikTok, Landon on YouTube, Landon on Instagram, Landon on Facebook, Landon on Twitter, LandonVenting.com, LandonHarvey.com. Other podcast mentions: tiktok.com/@joegandelman
Published 02/06/22
Photos are a big part of your visual branding image. How & when to use them is even more important to understand. Billy Diamond talks about why you might not want to use a photo of yourself on your stage banners or backdrops.
Published 01/28/22
Branding doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. You can do little bite-size things that will put you on the right course. In this episode, Billy walks you through some more powerful branding and marketing tips that you can use right away to strengthen your brand. Here are some highlights... Mixing Up Your Social MediaGetting Personal on Social MediaSmall Acts of KindnessCross-Branding with Your LogoBless and You Will Be BlessedDoing the Opposite of OthersManners & Public PerceptionOnline...
Published 11/22/21
Do you know and understand the 4 ingredients that go into making your brand stand out? In this episode, Billy walks you through the key ingredients and then also gives you three additional tips that others in your field probably are not taking the time to do. These tips will make you stand out and get you remembered (and booked) for a long time to come.  Part 1 in a series.
Published 11/07/21
Harry Houdini was an entertainer who created major publicity and even his name has become legendary --- even 95 years after his death. He was a master at planting brand perception in the minds of his audience. In this episode, we talk with magician and magic historian Carnegie (a.k.a. The Magic Detective) about  Houdini’s successful publicity. We also talk about some techniques Houdini used with great success and how you can take some tips from Houdini's playbook. Carnegie's marketing book...
Published 11/01/21
Follow the journey of a middle school teacher as she strived to become a national comedy club headliner. Check out Sharon's website at sharonlaceycomedy.com Sharon has visited Uganda, Africa four times. She performs comedy for Ugandan audiences and delivers food and supplies to two schools and many elderly people. HELP support her efforts... just $5 bucks at a time by purchasing a bracelet. The Uganda Project Sharon on YouTube Follow Sharon over on Facebook at facebook.com/sharonlaceycomedian
Published 09/01/21
Ken Dyne, a UK entertainer speaks about pricing, cash flow issues, getting paid, and how to get your money upfront, before you even get to your gig. Show Notes: Ken's top 10 book list - must-reads for entertainers. Download the list at: MentalUnderground.com/books
Published 06/22/21
Howard Baltus created one of the first magic shops on the internet. After years of having his successful shop, he packed up and moved from the USA to Mexico, where he lives today. He talks about culture, rebranding, and moving beyond your fear to take your next step.
Published 05/28/21
Cruise ship entertainer Fred Becker talks about staying engaged & what it takes to do what he and his wife, Bobbie, have done for over 35 years.
Published 02/28/21
Jason Michaels shares about his diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome and his pursuit of his career as an entertainer and speaker.
Published 02/13/21
To say 2020 was a hard year is an understatement. We take a look back and a look ahead for 2021 with this call-in episode.
Published 01/15/21
There’s a science behind colors and branding as an entertainer.
Published 01/01/21
Special guest Tim Mannix talks about knowing your market, who you are, and the business of the show.
Published 12/18/20
The idea of fear and rejection in the entertainment industry can hold you back from moving forward. Special guest Tim Mannix shares his story of defeating failure, along with some great tips and advice.
Published 11/29/20
The history behind those three little words "Trick-or-Treat" and how it came to be. This is also part 2 of 2 with guest Dean Carnegie. Topics include past pandemics and stories from years ago, how we shift, and what we do now.
Published 11/01/20