In this minisode, Cody and Chris take a paranormal trip to Italy. First, Chris tells a creepy AF story about a guy who went to the Vatican only to have a shadow spider creature follow him. Then, Cody talks about the esteemed St. Catherine of Siena and the search for her divine head (you read that right). Can you guess next week’s topic?
Published 06/07/21
In this episode, Cody and Chris pay tribute to Memorial Day by sharing paranormal tales related to soldiers and war. First, Cody talks about the creepiest ghosts that haunt (and protect!) The Alamo. Then, Chris tells a story of one man who ran into an old friend… who might have been dead. He was haunted for life after the encounter. Next, Cody discusses a bunch of children who mysteriously went missing in the Swiss Alps during World War II. Finally, Chris dishes out some weird government...
Published 05/31/21
In this minisode, Cody and Chris discuss a tunnel-explorer and an invincible cat. First, Cody talks about a soldier - assigned to be a tunnel rat during the Vietnam War - and his very strange, cultish discovery. Then, Chris shares the story of a cat that is a good candidate for the “9 lives” award after surviving three sunken ships. Can you guess next week’s topic?
Published 05/24/21
In this episode, Cody and Chris cover different goatmen cryptids (or are they the same one?!). First, Cody shares the story of the famous Goatman of Bowie, Maryland, who was said to be the creation of a mad USDA scientist. Then, Chris talks about the goatman known as the Popelick Monster from Louisville, Kentucky, who lives under the Popelick Trestle Bridge. Next, Cody discusses the haunting story of social injustice surrounding what is now nicknamed Goatman’s Bridge near Denton, Texas. ...
Published 05/17/21
In this minisode, Cody and Chris talk about demon cottages and weird plants. First, Chris tells a creepy AF story about a cottage nicknamed “The Cage”, that is home to malevolent spirits and goat demons. Then, Cody entertains us with a story about a plant - one that many people believed in for 400 years!!! - that actually grew lambs for cotton. Can you guess our upcoming topic?
Published 05/10/21
In this episode, Cody and Chris discuss crazy mysterious disappearances (mysterappearances?). First, Cody talks about one of the most massive and modern baffling cases: Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Then, Chris shares a little-known case from Chile about two cousins who disappeared, years apart from each other, in similar circumstances. Next, Cody discusses three children from the 1800s who disappeared...into the sky (you read that right). Finally, Chris talks about a crazy fascinating...
Published 05/03/21
In this minisode, Cody and Chris talk about people vanishing during crazy storms. First, Chris shares the story of the Flannan Isles in Scotland, where three lighthouse keepers mysteriously vanished during a storm that may or may not have occurred. Then, Cody dives into the crazy circumstances surrounding the Yuba County 5, a group of five men who went missing during a snowstorm. It has more twists and turns than a twisty, turny road. Have any ideas about next week’s topic? Don’t overthink it!
Published 04/26/21
In this episode, Cody and Chris put you in a deep trance and talk about hypnosis (content warning: these stories involve murder and suicide). First, Cody talks about an insane case in Copenhagen where one man hypnotized another into robbing a bank and committing murder. Then, Chris tells the unfortunate story of three students who mysteriously died following hypnosis sessions with their principal. Next, Cody shares a bizarre story in which a lady has full gastric bypass surgery...via...
Published 04/19/21
In this minisode, Chris and Cody tell stories about Pavlovian response and crazy sleep talking. First, Cody shares several examples of things you do everyday that are the result of years of mental conditioning. Then, Chris tells a story about a sleepover party game that may have led to one girl’s demonic possession. Can you guess next week’s topic? Y’all, it’s going to be a tough one.
Published 04/12/21
In this episode, Cody and Chris talk about poppets, or dolls - based on people - used for rituals. First, Cody shares some basic spells you can do with your very own poppet. Then, Chris tells a story about the legends behind Guatemalan Worry Dolls. Next, Cody discusses a murderous (and true) story about a voodoo fish doll that may have killed a family. Finally, Chris talks about a pagan celebration called Imbolc, and the related poppets known as Brigid Dolls. This week’s drinks/food are...
Published 04/05/21
In this minisode, Cody and Chris talk all things prickly (hence the title). First, Chris tells a creepy story about a group of friends who find tons of puppets nailed to walls in a house. Eek! Then, Cody talks about the Pendle Witches, whose woes began when they tried to buy metal pins. Naturally, they were found “guilty” (we use that term loosely) and executed. Can you guess next week’s topic?
Published 03/29/21
In this episode, Cody and Chris dive into amulets and talismans (talismen?), those objects that help protect against evil. First, because Cody loves Thai food so much, he talks about Thailand’s Supernatural Talisman Dolls, a recent, weird trend. Next, Chris discusses the most basic of compounds (and potent protective substances), salt. It’s more interesting than you’d think! Next, Cody talks about Apotropaic Magic, or magic that is used to ward off evil, with a focus on the protective power...
Published 03/22/21
In this minisode, Cody and Chris throw hints that aren't related to Tom Jones (did anyone know What’s New, Pussy Cat is a Tom Jones song??). First, Cody talks about Mummy Cats that are a little more than meets the eye. In fact, one is 5 hind legs and no head. Then, Chris tells a story about a girl dealing with strange dreams that soon became a chilling reality (at least to her). Can you guess next week’s topic?
Published 03/15/21
In this episode, Cody and Chris head east (or west?) to bring you folklore from Japan. First, Chris talks about Japanese monsters known as Yokai and focuses on the Makuragaeshi-a mostly malevolent creature that tricks people by flipping their pillows (gasp!). Then, Cody shares another type of Yokai called Tsukumogami, or a regular household object that comes to life after 100 years. Next, Chris discusses water creatures called Kappa that obsess over a bejeweled lifeforce contained within the...
Published 03/08/21
In this minisode, Cody and Chris talk about a crazy cult and a hidden mansion. First, Cody discusses the Happy Science religion, founded by a man who is the lord of gods and can channel anybody….living or dead! Then, Chris talks about a mysterious mansion where a grisly ritual - that was supposed to ward off the bad karma of the world - took place. Can you guess the connection between these two stories?
Published 03/01/21
In this episode, Cody and Chris talk about SLIders: people who can turn lights on and off without touching them. First, Cody introduces us to the strange phenomena by sharing different wacky accounts from around the world. Then, Chris talks about an Australian man who claims to have always been “electrically charged.” Next, Cody shares the exact steps on how to become a bonafide “electromancer” and control electricity to shock your friends. Finally, Chris discusses an electrician from...
Published 02/22/21
In this minisode, Cody and Chris tell two crazy stories about power surges. First, Chris talks about the Big Blackout of 1965, an incident that coincided with a huge number of UFO sightings (that may have been the cause, dun dun dunnnn). Then, Cody discusses Roy Sullivan, the luckiest or unluckiest guy ever (you be the judge) who got struck by lightning seven times and lived to tell about each incident. Can you guess the connection of these stories and next week’s topic?
Published 02/15/21
In this very NSFW (aren’t they all?) episode, Cody and Chris celebrate Valentine’s Day by talking about sex rituals and magic. First, Cody shares an atheist’s experience with a sex ritual, performed at a yoga studio under a full moon. Then, Chris tells of a woman who believes her love spell may have manifested demons in her lover. Next, Cody discusses a Voodoo love spell that ended in fire...literally. Finally, Chris talks about a man who suspected he may have been under a puppeteer’s magic...
Published 02/08/21
Valentine’s Day is the second worst commercialized holiday (after Christmas), and we’re celebrating it with some “love” stories (guess who wrote that sentence). First, Cody tells us about a strange tradition where a family listens outside a honeymoon suite to, um, doobers. Then, Chris talks about an ancient Egyption papyrus that, once translated, revealed an ancient erotic binding spell. These stories may be a little more obvious, but maybe not. You tell us!
Published 02/01/21
In this episode, Cody and Chris take you to Cajun Country for some good old fashioned (and often hysterical) folklore. First, Cody talks about the pirate, Jean LaFitte, and the spirit known as the Fifolet that guards his treasure. Then, Chris discusses the Bigfoot of the Bayou known as the Honey Island Swamp Monster. Next, Cody shares The Grunch (that’s not a euphemism), a creature that may have formed out of testicles. Finally, Chris talks about the most famous of Cajun Cryptids, the...
Published 01/25/21
In this minisode, Cody and Chris tell two gruesome, murderous tales, so trigger warning and stuff. First, Chris talks about the Axeman of New Orleans, a mysterious person who loved jazz and referred to himself as the Angel of Death. Then, Cody tells a hauntingly sad story about a murdering janitor who killed students at a segregated school. Can you guess how these stories are connected? Listen to next week’s episode to find out!
Published 01/18/21
In this episode, Cody and Chris talk about mysterious lost cities, those places lost to time, the elements, or other circumstances. First, Cody discusses the famous underwater island, Atlantis, full of riches, mystical creatures, and drrrrrrama. Then, Chris dives into the lost City of Z, a place that swallowed hundreds of explorers. Next, Cody talks about the ancient city of Crete, whose unexplained abandonment has spawned tons of interesting theories. Finally, Chris shares another lost city...
Published 01/11/21
Happy New Year! Once again, we are bringing you our year in review. Chris (intentionally) didn’t prepare for this one, so Cody asked all the questions, and it’s a really fun time! Like before, we discuss our favorite episodes of the year, favorite moments, future hopes, and of course, resolutions. We also introduce a few new tidbits, like the most listened to episodes of 2020. The results are actually going to affect the new year. It’s a classic case of learning from your past and living in...
Published 01/04/21
Because of the strange occurrences “popping up” all over the world, we decided to talk about monoliths. First, Cody discusses the Mên-an-Tol Stones that contain a hole that heals tuberculosis, hideousness, and infertility. Then, Chris tells us about a place he visited: the Mesoamerican City of Teotihuacán that contains three pyramids with potential paranormal connections. Next, Cody discusses the timeline of the current monoliths that first appeared in Utah and have now been found across the...
Published 12/28/20
In this minisode, Cody and Chris share two stories that coincidentally involve the devil. First, Cody talks about the Aberdeen Witches, who were tried for doing such innocent things as drowning people in a river. Then, Chris shares the amazing creation myth - from the Brule Sioux - of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Can you find the connection between the two stories?
Published 12/21/20