Beating Burnout with Amelia Nagoski
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Cass sits down with Amelia Nagoski, who co-authored (with her identical twin sister, Emily Nagoski) the NYT bestselling book, "Burnout: The Secret to Solving Your Stress Cycle". Amelia shares that it is not just being a woman trying to meet society's "unmeetable expectations" that is a primary cause of burnout, but falling anywhere outside of what the mainstream considers to be the 'norm' in terms of race, sex, gender, appearance or ability. Listen to hear about: Human Giver Syndrome and why it's a fundamental cause of burnout The Headwinds/Tailwinds metaphor that perfectly describes why we're blind to our own privilege What you can do immediately to solve your stress cycle and prevent burnout Buy "Burnout" on Booktopia Buy the Burnout workbook on Booktopia Connect with Cass: Instagram: @cassdunn_xo Instagram: @crappytohappypod   See for privacy information.
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