64. My Most Controversial Posts- Sugar Addiction? Seed Oils? Chemicals?
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FFB waitlist: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/63bc6d1437a7fb86b1f990f0   I post a lot of controversial things on social media, and sometimes when those posts do really well, they reach the wrong people. Because of this, I have experienced backlash on social media for promoting food freedom. But the most controversial posts I have made have to do with pizza, seed oils, sugar, and chemicals. Today, I’m sharing with you why these are so controversial, some of the comments I’ve received on each post, and my thoughts on the negative responses.   In this episode, we cover:   Why I choose to post controversial stuff on my social media The reel I created of me eating a slice of pizza The fear-mongering when it comes to seed oils My post on my view of eating sugar without thinking you have an addition to it The freedom of knowing how to look at food labels and buying without fear   Connect with Deanna: IG: @dietitiandeanna Website: https://dietitiandeanna.com 
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