67. 5 Things You Think You Need to Hit $10K Months
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Many female entrepreneurs have the goal of making 6 figures and $10K months. In today’s episode, I share five myths that are commonly believed that are required in order to hit this milestone and then share what you need to do instead. Whether you are starting a side hustle, or not yet making your income goals, there is a lot of noise about how to show up online, audience size, and your offers. Today’s episode will help reframe your perspective so that you can not only be a confident and successful business owner, but also serve your clients while meeting your income goals.   Tune in to hear: Why you don’t need to share your whole life on social media The truth about audience size Building your confidence How to prove what moves the needle What’s worth investing in your business?   This episode is sponsored by the Online Entrepreneur Academy. Are you a dietitian or female wellness expert that's feeling undervalued in your job? Not passionate about what you're doing, or are you working one to one with clients now and want to scale your private practice to group an online coach courses and programs, then OEA is perfect for you. This is a three month high touch coaching program and we are currently enrolling for our next cohort. Apply for the Online Entrepreneur Academy here.
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