92. How to Overcome Shifting Niches? + How to Feel Good about Sales
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Today we have Katarina Polonska joining the show! Katarina is an internationally accredited Connection Coach. She specializes in coaching high-achievers, leaders, and founders how to get out of their heads. Katarina has a background in behavioral science experience and roots in Transformational Coaching and embodied cognition methodologies.    Over the next 40 minutes, we explore the power of mindset and connections for high achieving leaders and founders. Katarina shares her unique four-pillar system that centers around connecting with oneself as an entrepreneur. We also chat about Katarina’s inspiriting journey from the wine trade game to her transition into sales, and the vital role of integrity in any industry.    Tune into hear: How to find success in sales & feel good about them Overcoming anxiety and self-sabotage Using slow periods for self-reflection and addressing blockers The four pillars for success in relationships and business    Connect with Katarina: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katarina-polonsky
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