EP: 039 - Intuitive Eating Principles 1&2: Reject The Diet Mentality & Honour Your Hunger
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Heyyya! Welcome back! In this episode, I chat about the first 2 principles of intuitive eating - Rejecting the diet mentality & honouring your hunger. -Why it's so hard to reject the diet mentality -Getting angry at the billion dollar diet industry -Seeing evidence for why diet's NEVER work (in the long term) -3 tips to get back in tune with your hunger -The importance of doing self-check in's throughout the day -Choosing foods that satisfy you for sustainable fullness ENJOY! Get on the waitlist for the next round of the Ditch Decade Diets Academy here & be the first to have access when doors open in September. If you enjoyed this episode, I would love to hear from you! Take a screenshot & tag me on IG @lornacosta_ & let me know your biggest takeaways 3 
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