EP: 069 - Is The Ditch Decade Diets Academy For YOU? + FAQ's
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Hey friend! Welcome back to the podcast :) TONIGHT (Tuesday October 19th) is the LAST DAY to apply for Ditch Decade Diets Academy ! This is my signature 4 month program designed to improve your relationship with food & stop binge eating. In this episode: FAQ’S -When does it start? -What happens after I apply? -How much access do I have to Lorna? -When are the zoom calls? -Will this work for me? -Who is this for? -How is the Ditch Decade Diets Academy different than other programs? -When will you run this program again? Why is it worth the investment?  Ready to STOP binge eating & re-gain control around food again? APPLY HERE for the Ditch Decade Diet's Academy! Don't miss out TONIGHT doors close at 11:59pm EST!!! SOOOO excited to support you! 3
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