Adam is a prolific figure in the Django community and the author of a new book, Boost Your Git DX. We discuss the latest Django 5.0 alpha release, how to use aliases, managing third-party packages, and a plethora of tips and tricks with Git to improve your developer workflow.
Published 09/20/23
Published 09/20/23
David is an accountant who has contributed massively to Django in recent years, taking over django-crispy-forms, improving djangobench, and becoming a member of Django’s Triage and Review team.
Published 08/16/23
Adam is a prolific contributor to the Django community and the author of the book, Boost Your Django DX. We discuss his work on the Django Security Team, the Django Technical Board, multiple recent Django third-party packages, and the new book.
Published 08/02/23
Eric is the author of the new django-simple-deploy package which provides Django deployment in three steps. We discuss the deployment learning cliff, the ideal hosting platform, and maintaining his bestselling book Python Crash Course.
Published 07/19/23
A discussion of Django REST Framework, how it integrates with traditional Django, and its core features.
Published 07/05/23
Carlton and Will discuss how to learn Django whether you are a total beginner or experienced web developer.
Published 06/21/23
Simon Willison is a co-creator of Django and currently works at Eventbrite. We discuss the early days of Django, the founding of Lanyrd, and his ongoing work with Datasette to make it easier to publish and explore data online.
Published 06/07/23
Brian is the host of the Test & Code podcast, co-host of the Python Bytes podcast, and author of the book Python Testing with pytest. We discuss testing in general, pytest in particular, and how to test Django projects.
Published 05/03/23
Brett is a Python Core Contributor and leads the Python/VS Code team at Microsoft. We discuss his twenty years of open-source Python work, how to get involved today, the future of packaging, virtual environments, the standard library, VSCode, and more.
Published 04/26/23
We welcome back Nick and discuss upgrading to Django 4.2, developer tooling, balancing multiple projects, and how to be productive as a modern web developer.
Published 04/12/23
Chaim is the current President of the Django Software Foundation. We discuss what's new in Django, Carlton's pending departure as a Fellow, and how things really work behind-the-scenes.
Published 03/29/23
Drew is a software engineer at TheNounProject and co-chair of DjangoCon US 2022. We discuss organizing DjangoCon events, the tech stack at TheNounProject, homebrewing, testing, ChatGPT, and more.
Published 03/15/23
Calvin is the co-founder of Six Feet Up, a Django consultancy that also runs the upcoming online Python Web Conference. We discuss ideal developer environments, Apache Airflow, Kubernetes, testing, and more.
Published 03/01/23
Django Fellow Mariusz walks us through what to expect in Django 4.2 and 5.0, continuous integration, supporting multiple versions of Python/Django, and more.
Published 02/15/23
Mark is a developer advocate at MongoDB, longtime Django developer, and co-chair of DjangoCon Europe 2023. We discuss how Mongo can work well alongside Django, type hinting, Rust, and more.
Published 02/01/23
Jon is a longtime Django/Python recruiter who runs Foxley Talent. We discuss how to stand out to recruiters and companies, current trends in the market, and giving back to the Django community.
Published 01/18/23
David is co-founder and CTO of Sentry, an open-source application monitoring and error tracking tool. We discuss building the early versions in Django, being self-taught, the advantages of middleware, next-generation hosting platforms, and general tips to avoid reinventing the wheel constantly in technology.
Published 01/04/23
Sheena is the CTO of Umuzi, a South Africa non-profit that trains young people in technical skills. We discuss the curriculum, teaching real-world programming skills, and building an online LMS due to Covid.
Published 12/21/22
Craig Kerstiens works at Crunchy Data, a provider of managed Postgres services. He previously worked at Heroku, Citus, and Azure Postgres among other companies. We talk about hosting providers today, the challenges of managed databases, Heroku’s early years, and more.
Published 12/07/22
ButterCMS is a headless or API-first CMS built with Django. We discuss the initial inspiration, caching, performance, hosting, and running a SaaS business at scale.
Published 11/23/22
DjangoCon US 2022 takeaways, new Django developments, getting unstuck as a junior developer, and more.
Published 11/09/22
Andy Ide is the creator of HorseRecords, a comprehensive Horse Husbandry App written in Django. We discuss his 20+ year career as a programmer, the local to production gap in Django, django-unicorn, htmx, and more.
Published 10/26/22
Adam is a software engineer at The Motley Fool and the author of multiple open source packages including Django Unicorn, Coltrane, and minestrone. We discuss his approach to writing software, the perfect settings file set up, and more.
Published 10/12/22
Kojo gave the Keynote at DjangoCon Europe 2022 and is a prolific public speaker. He is a software engineer at RevSys and Lightning Talks Chair at DjangoCon US 2022 as well. We discuss the various contributions to Django and why it's not all about code.
Published 09/28/22