PR’s, persistence & protecting your peace with Courtney Sarracino
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Today, we are welcoming Courtney Sarracino for some fun & gains! Britt & Court are bringing the energy & connection we all need to start this year stronger than ever. If you’re ready to chat workout splits, changing careers, ditching comparison, mental health, powerlifting, & breaking the mold then this is the episode for you. Timestamps: 00:15 britt’s weekly recap 1:18 britt’s big new years eve 1:52 today’s guest! 4:10 welcome courtney! 6:30 get to know courtney 6:00 how court got into social media 7:00 gymshark 8:52 budapest & lawschool 11:00 the gym, an escape 12:30 arizona 14:51 why law school 16:32 the bar 18:32 heavy times & growth 20:26 pivoting & listening to your heart 23:28 court’s start to fitness 23:52 powerlifting & court’s maxes 24:40 how court trains for strength 25:08 tired of high reps 26:00 how court increases her weight 27:20 "three by five"  27:50 low reps & amraps 28:38 deload week 29:40 court’s workout split 32:58 flex on ‘em 34:35 wake up. gym. repeat. 36:40 consistency to continue progress 37:40 running & track talk 40:10 marathons 40:50 how court sets goals 42:20 just show up 43:55 stay on the road 45:40 show up for yourself 46:40 allow life to happen 47:50 realizing what you caring about 48:40 ditching comparison 51:05 owning who you are 52:20 breaking the mold 53:10 get out of your head 53:58 scrolling 55:20 britt's grand "Sunday detach" 56:00 why we shouldn’t compare 56:35 mind your feed 57:40 mental health comes first 58:30 unfollow & mute 59:45 one thing court would tell her younger self 59:50 we are all too hard on ourselves 1:01:24 court’s zero bs policy 1:02:10 protect your peace & fill up your cup first 1:04:20 finding community 1:04:30 where you can find more Courtney 1:05:30 tiktok & setting timers 1:06:47 go comment *THIS* on today’s podcast post Court’s Insta: @courtney.sarracino Court's YouTube: Courtney Sarracino Follow the podcast @funandgains.podcast Follow Britt insta // @_brittanylupton youtube // Brittany Lupton tiktok // brittanylupton Contact Us [email protected]
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