CORONACAST BONUSCAST: The latest wave, a new vaccine and let's talk about lockdowns
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Another COVID wave, another COVID vaccine and another episode of Coronacast ... sort of? Norman and Tegan will be providing coronavirus updates when needed, so subscribe to The Health Report feed so you don't miss out! References: The unequal effects of the health–economy trade-off during the COVID-19 pandemic
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When COVID vaccines first became available in 2021, they were met with celebration. Finally we had some defence against this virus that had struck down so many and triggered such heavy lockdowns. But once they started rolling out en masse, a new concern emerged – reports of side effects that,...
Published 02/26/24
News this week is The Government response to the long COVID inquiry, which looked into how many Australians are living with long COVID and what could be done to support them. And, a report on fine particulates in the air, and their relationship with coronary heart disease. A study has tested...
Published 02/23/24