Ask The Doctor: Longevity Edition—What To Do NOW To Look and Feel Your Best For As Long As Possible
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This episode—the Ask The Doctor: Longevity Edition—is all about living our longest, healthiest lives.  My guest today is the amazing Dr. Sara Gottfried. Dr. Gottfried is oozing with credentials—she went to MIT and Harvard Medical School and is a NYTimes bestselling author. But what I love about her is her approach to medicine and patients. Her knowledge of science and data is impeccable, but so is her understanding that this is real life. You might want to embrace the wisdom of aging, and you might also wish you had less wrinkles. You might want to eat a perfect diet, but you might have two kids and a job. This episode is jam packed with pragmatic, actionable information to help you feel as good as possible for as long as possible. We talk about: * What’s actually happening when you age * The number one thing people get wrong about aging * The exact changes you should make in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s to live your longest, healthiest life * How to eat "intuitively" when you intuition doesn't work * The best type of alcohol for longevity * How having kids impacts longevity * What the Blue Zones concept gets right about longevity—and what it misses * The best type of exercise is best for longevity * How to reduce your risk of dementia, even if you have a genetic predisposition to it * Hacks to get your cortisol in better shape * Hormone supplementation in menopause and perimenopause * What to do when your doctors don't want to give you hormone tests or don't know to interpret them * How intermittent fasting and protein restriction impact longevity * What causes wrinkles and gray hair and how to address them * The oral and gut microbiome and its impacts on aging You can find more from Dr. Gottfried at We’d also both love to hear your thoughts on the episode! Screenshot and tag me—I’m @lizmoody— and she’s @saragottfriedmd. I’d also so love if you’d share with anyone in your life you think could benefit from this episode! PS: Have you snagged my Foodie preset pack? You can get all 8 presets, designed to make your food pics look as good as they taste, at PPS: Healthier Together is officially a number one best-seller! You can get your copy on Amazon or at  Please keep sending me your creations on Instagram—they make me so happy! This episode is sponsored by Garden of Life, who just released their insanely delicious Apple Cider Vinegar gummies. I love how supportive they are of my immune system and gut health—if you snag a bottle using my link, it lets the brand know you found them through me, which I massively appreciate and it costs you nothing extra. Link: This episode is also sponsored by Kyoto Botanicals, the first CBD brand I’ve recommended on this podcast! Right now, I’m loving their Warmth tincture, which has turmeric and cinnamon, and the Warmth balm, which is so helpful for headaches and sore muscles. You can get a whopping 25% off your order (AND they always have free shipping!) by using the code “HEALTHIERTOGETHER” at Healthier Together cover art by Zack. Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.
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