What's REALLY Causing Your Bloating & Gut Health Issues, The Truth About Creative Careers, and Rating Popular Wellness Trends with Phoebe Lapine
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I’m so happy to welcome Phoebe Lapine to the pod. Phoebe is a food and health writer and gluten free chef. She’s written 3 books, including the recently published SIBO Made Simple, which is a must-read guide for anyone struggling with their gut health. We also talk about: * What SIBO actually is, including what causes it and how you can know if you have it * What people get wrong about the microbiome * Why you shouldn't snack between meals * What hidden causes of autoimmune diseases * The first step anyone with gut issues should take to figure out what's going on * 3 lifestyle things healthy people should do NOW to avoid gut issues down the line * 5 easy, free gut health fixes you can do IMMEDIATELY * Misconceptions about the low-FODMAP diet + exactly when it makes sense to follow it * The top 3 "weird wellness things" that have made the biggest difference in her health * Her thoughts on wellness trends like kombucha, celery juice and juicing in general, bone broth, collagen, and probiotics * The one food that can help with sugar cravings * Advice for supporting a partner with chronic illness * Her best tips for cultivating a creative career, including how and when to leave a corporate job * A very frank discussion on the finances of creative life You can find more from Phoebe at feedmephoebe.com. Phoebe and I would both LOVE to hear from you as you listen, so screenshot and tag us with any reactions or thoughts—I’m @lizmoody and she’s @phoebelapine on Instagram. I can’t wait to hear what you think—I think you’re gonna be obsessed with this one. PS: Have you snagged my Foodie preset pack? You can get all 8 presets, designed to make your food pics look as good as they taste, at lizmoody.com/presets. PPS: Healthier Together is officially a number one best-seller! You can get your copy on Amazon or at lizmoody.com/cookbook.  Please keep sending me your creations on Instagram—they make me so happy! This episode is sponsored by Organifi, the makers of my favorite caffeine-free energy drink, Red Juice. You can go to www.organifi.com/healthiertogether and use the code “healthiertogether” for 20% off your order. This episode is sponsored by LifeSeasons, a company that makes amazing supplements for gut health, inflammation, immunity, and many, many more, including my beloved allergy blend. Go to https://shop.lifeseasons.com?current-token=P8gRvbln and use the code “healthiertogether” for 15% off your order. Healthier Together cover art by Zack. Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.
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