Honoring Your Hunger – 003
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In episode three we're talking about honoring our hunger. What that means, what it can look like, and how it builds body trust. We also spend sometime talking about different types of hunger, and how to give yourself permission to honor all of them. Lastly, we talk about some decisions and actions that do not help us honor our hunger. Resources: The Nuance of Hunger (How to tell if you're hungry, and how to respond) https://encouragingdietitian.com/hunger-nuance Mindful Eating for Newbs (How to figure out what you crave and enjoy eating) https://encouragingdietitian.com/mindful-eating-newbs Find me on: Instagram: encouragingdietitian Twitter: encouragingRD web: encouragingdietitian.com
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In this episode, Christyna breaks down why applying moral value to food doesn't work, why it's important to dismantle unhelpful associations you have with food, and why habituation works. connect with me IG: encouragingdietitian Twitter: encouragingRD web: encouragingdietitian.com
Published 02/22/21
In this episode, Christyna reminds us that intuitive eating and health at every size are very much a political stance. She reminds us that if we're feeling disconnected from our bodies based on current events we can still take of ourselves. Fighting for justice is a marathon, take care of...
Published 06/01/20