How Will I Know If I’m on a Diet (Ditching the Diet Mentality) – #002
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In this episode, we talk about how to know if you're on a diet. Whether the diet has an official name or is a "lifestyle change". We also talk about ways to start challenging the rules of diet culture, and how to not feel so out-of-control around food. Follow me: Instagram: encouragingdietitian Twitter: encouragingRD web:
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In this episode, Christyna breaks down why applying moral value to food doesn't work, why it's important to dismantle unhelpful associations you have with food, and why habituation works. connect with me IG: encouragingdietitian Twitter: encouragingRD web:
Published 02/22/21
In this episode, Christyna reminds us that intuitive eating and health at every size are very much a political stance. She reminds us that if we're feeling disconnected from our bodies based on current events we can still take of ourselves. Fighting for justice is a marathon, take care of...
Published 06/01/20