Post Pregnancy corrective work with Lindsey Newman
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Meet Lindsey Newman! I love this woman and her amazing love for helping woman post pregnancy to fix Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor disfunction. You can follow Lindsey on instagram at @lindscnewman. Chapters: (00:18) - Introduction of Linsdey (01:54) - What pushed you into fitness and pregnancy? (10:42) - Taking your mess and making it your message (11:58) - Learning to breath again (17:42) - All our bodies are different (24:59) - What do you qualify as a good workout? (26:22) - Posture and spine movement (33:55) - Moving in one range of motion (39:22) - Tips during pregnancy (41:41) - The two extremes of pregnancy (45:54) - Muscle moves bone (48:59) - Hamstring excercises for pregnant women (52:51) - How do you work on the mom pooch? (01:00:16) - Lack of representation in research Need optimized programming? Click here for hypertrophy or fat loss specific programming! You’ll get free access to my BeStrong membership site where you can get recipes, and learn more about nutrition and training. App users can also upload videos in my private facebook group for free form reviews! It’s a safe place where we all come together to cheer each other on and become our strongest selves!
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