Creatine: What You Need to Know
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There is a lot of confusion about creatine monohydrate. Today i’ll break down the basics that you need to know! I Personally use Bulk Supplement Creatine Monohydrate 5g daily. Purchase here. (00:09) - Introduction (00:46) - Follow up to breaking up with my husband as workout buddy (05:39) - Introvert or extrovert (09:01) - Showing up for yourself (12:01) - How is your training? Nutrition? (13:34) - What is creatine? (16:25) - Creatine and exercise (18:43) - 80 / 20 food rule (20:00) - Do you need to load creatine? (21:41) - Weight gain on creatine? (24:55) - Is creatine safe for kidneys? (28:17) - When should you take creatine? Sign up HERE for the LiftingLindsay Newsletter so you never miss out on fitness and health brain gains! NEW Fat Loss and Muscle and Strength programs are starting on March 27th!! Don’t miss out! Click here To join!!!! You’ll get free access to my BeStrong membership site where you can get recipes, and learn more about nutrition and training. App users can also upload videos in my private facebook group for free form reviews! It’s a safe place where we all come together to cheer each other on and become our strongest selves!
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