Before And After Pics - The Pros and Cons with Heather Adams
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I am excited to introduce you all to Heather Adams. I think it’s really important that we follow people in fitness who have a goal of overall heath in mind and body, Heather is one of those! Today we chatted about before and after pics, and how they can negatively and positively affect us! (00:09) - Welcome (01:21) - Guest introduction (02:32) - Why aren't you posting a lot of before and after pictures? (06:12) - Why do people get reactive with before and after pics? (10:00) - Why don't I share my client's before and afters? (16:38) - Things that impact health (19:57) - We don't see the after after after photos (24:59) - Make it about ourselves instead of their accomplishments (28:14) - What's the benefit that it's giving you? (32:55) - Some of the comments I've recieved (34:57) - You look beautiful in both (47:12) - Be a cheerleader Follow Heather on instagram Sign up HERE for the LiftingLindsay Newsletter so you never miss out on fitness and health brain gains! NEW Fat Loss and Muscle and Strength programs are Started on March 27th!! But it’s not too late to join! Click here To join!!!! You’ll get free access to my BeStrong membership site where you can get recipes, and learn more about nutrition and training. App users can also upload videos in my private facebook group for free form reviews! It’s a safe place where we all come together to cheer each other on and become our strongest selves!
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