Friday Fitness Facts - Hungrier Around your Period? Why & What to Do About It!
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I’m starting a new series where every Friday i’ll go over a new study, or cover a fitness fact that I often see taken to the extreme or just flat out wrong. Today we are discussing being hungrier around your period. Studies cited Topics Discussed: (00:07) - Welcome (00:34) - New training reminder (02:21) - Hormones are unique (04:14) - Why do people experience hunger before their period? (09:33) - The effects of an IUD (11:46) - Why I'm quoting a meta analysis (13:43) - Analysis of studies tracking metabolic changes (15:41) - Why is this important? (18:00) - Summing up so far (21:27) - How to look at this as the victor (23:50) - What can we do about it? Subscribe to my Youtube Channel HERE
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