Ep 58. My experience in nutrition education
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“Hey, Mac, what do you think about (insert nutrition certification thing here), what should I do”. It is a question I get very often.  I’ve now done a bunch of courses and certifications, and I get asked for advice on a regular basis. This episode is basically me running through my experience-based opinion, what I wish I did differently and what advice I have for anyone who's potentially interested in getting into the nutrition space.  Follow me Insta: @mackenziebaker_
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In episode 79 of the Macabolic Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by Dr Zoya Huschtscha (@nourished_by_science ) who is Victorias strongest women, a sports dietitian, and a PhD researcher. We discuss training and nutrition around the female menstrual cycle and how it’s a bit of a gamble to...
Published 08/17/21
Published 08/17/21