Ep 72. Naturally Nina's journey of eating disorders, food obsession & more.
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In episode 72 of the Macabolic Podcast Janina ’@Naturally_Nina’ Gelbke reflects on her nutrition journey through severe disordered eating, and an obsessive ‘all or nothing’ approach to food, that negatively impacted her life throughout her childhood and teenage years. Follow Nina at @naturally_nina on Instagram, and follow myself @mackenziebaker_
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In episode 79 of the Macabolic Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by Dr Zoya Huschtscha (@nourished_by_science ) who is Victorias strongest women, a sports dietitian, and a PhD researcher. We discuss training and nutrition around the female menstrual cycle and how it’s a bit of a gamble to...
Published 08/17/21
Published 08/17/21
In episode 78 of the Macabolic Podcast, Adv Sports Dietitian Alicia Edge discusses her experiences, observations, and opinions around Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S), Low Energy Availability (LEA), and the largely unspoken deep dark effects of blanket Calorie tracking recommendations....
Published 07/07/21