Overcoming Different Levels of Anxiety and Learning Coping Skills with Dr. Carolyn Rubenstein
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Andrea welcomes Dr. Carolyn Rubenstein to discuss the many nuances of anxiety that can show up in our lives. Dr. Rubenstein, PhD is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Florida specializing in anxiety, burnout, and perfectionism. She particularly enjoys helping anxious overachievers experience greater ease by finding worth in being, not just doing. She created Perfectly Human a new online course for anyone struggling with perfectionism, self-criticism, and procrastination. Her course also provides a strong foundation of skills for those of us looking to build more resilience, presence, and enjoyment into our lives. Andrea and Caryolyn share thoughts that will empower you to achieve a heightened awareness of your anxiety and equip you with the tools to cope with its manifestations. Follow Dr. Caroline @carolynrubensteinphd https://perfectlyhumancourse.com/ The key moments in this episode are: 00:02:00 - Dr. Caroline Rubenstein's background, 00:07:17 - Recognizing anxiety, 00:11:40 - Levels of anxiety, 00:12:48 - Normalizing anxiety, 00:14:24 - Recognizing Shifting in Anxiety, 00:16:21 - Spiraling Thoughts and Coping Strategies, 00:19:42 - Taking Action and De-escalating Anxiety, 00:24:08 - Collecting Coping Strategies, 00:26:54 - Taking Back Control from Anxiety, 00:28:32 - The impact of anxiety on personal growth, parenting, and success, 00:35:10 - How anxiety affects relationships, 00:38:51 - Supporting someone with anxiety, 00:39:47 - Coping skills for dealing with anxiety, 00:42:28 - Modeling Emotions for Children, 00:45:29 - Allowing Children to Express Emotions, 00:46:48 - Finding Coping Strategies, 00:48:31 - Listening vs. Fixing, 00:50:12 - Taking Control of Anxiety, Make it Simple is sponsored by Athletic Greens Visit drinkag1.com/simple to get a FREE Free One Year Supply of Vitamin D3+K2, 5 Travel Packs with your first purchase.  Follow the Make it Simple Podcast @make.it.simple.podcast Have a suggestion for a topic click HERE Have a suggestion for a guest click HERE Follow Andrea on Instagram @deliciouslyfitnhealthy @dfh.training.pics Training & Coaching https://www.deliciouslyfitnhealthy.com/links Visit Andrea's Website www.deliciouslyfitnhealthy.com Produced by Light On Creative Productions
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