Unleash Your Potential with a New Mindset for Goal Setting
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As Andrea Allen takes us on a journey through her own experiences and the lessons she learned, she stumbles upon an important truths that changed her perspective in achieving goals. In the midst of her basketball journey, she discovers a powerful truth that turns her understanding of success upside down. Andrea shares tiny steps, small and achievable adjustments, and how to find joy in the journey towards achieving your goals, as well as defying setbacks and embracing self-improvement along the way. GET ON THE WAITLIST FOR ANDREA'S NEW APP https://www.deliciouslyfitnhealthy.com/app-wait In this episode, you will be able to: Unlock the power of goal setting and overcome negativity to reach new heights of success.Harness your strengths and embrace growth as you embark on a journey of self-improvement.Discover the incredible impact of positive support and encouragement as you work towards your goals.Make small adjustments along the way for steady progress and avoid feeling overwhelmed by big changes.Find joy in every step of your journey, realizing that happiness is not just at the end goal, but in the process itself. The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction  00:01:20 - Recommendation for Fitness Goals  00:03:12 - Review and Mindset in Coaching  00:05:25 - Focus on Strengths  00:08:58 - Don't Let Weaknesses Hold You Back  00:14:14 - Making Tiny Adjustments  00:15:52 - The Power of Tiny Tweaks  00:17:08 - The Importance of Outsiders  00:18:40 - Embracing Imperfection  00:21:45 - You're Doing Better Than You Think  GET ON THE WAITLIST FOR ANDREA'S NEW APP https://www.deliciouslyfitnhealthy.com/app-wait Follow the Make it Simple Podcast @make.it.simple.podcast Have a suggestion for a topic click HERE Have a suggestion for a guest click HERE Follow Andrea on Instagram @deliciouslyfitnhealthy @dfh.training.pics Training & Coaching https://www.deliciouslyfitnhealthy.com/links Visit Andrea's Website www.deliciouslyfitnhealthy.com Produced by Light On Creative Productions
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