How Ankles and Feet Affect the Whole Body With Dr. Leada Malek
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Andrea welcomes Dr. Leada Malek, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and board-certified sports clinical specialist to discuss all things feet and ankles, a topic often overlooked in fitness. With extensive experience working with athletes at all levels, including professionals in sports and dance, Dr. Malek understands the complexities of the human body and power of movement as medicine. Andrea and Dr. Malek discuss the key tips and exercises that will help you achieve greater mobility and alleviate any foot and ankle issues you may be experiencing. Follow Dr. Malek, instagram/tiktok/pinterest/facebook @drmalekpt Resources The Science of Stretch GET ON THE WAITLIST FOR ANDREA'S NEW APP The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:30 - Importance of Ankle and Foot Health 00:02:30 - Dr. Leada Malik's Expertise 00:03:35 - App Launch and Expertise 00:06:31 - Drink AG1 00:13:13 - Signs of Poor Ankle Mobility and Weakness in Feet 00:15:29 - Identifying the Weakest Link in Balance 00:17:16 - Signs of Weakness in Ankle and Feet during Movement 00:19:56 - Importance of the Big Toe in Foot Strength 00:27:04 - Importance of Range of Motion and Strength in Ankles and Knees 00:28:44 - Bent Knee Calf Stretch and Toe Mobility 00:30:44 - Effect of Static Stretching and Dynamic Warm-up 00:33:46 - Understanding the Foot as a Pulley System 00:42:01 - Stretching the Foot 00:44:02 - Intrinsic Foot Muscles 00:44:34 - The Science of Stretch 00:46:04 - Underrated Strength Exercises 00:53:49 - Strengthening and Mobility for Ankles and Feet 00:54:07 - No Issue Dooms You 00:54:29 - Empowerment and Hope 00:54:56 - Personal Experience and Openness 00:55:23 - Encouragement and Self-Reflection Make it Simple is sponsored by Athletic Greens Visit to get a FREE Free One Year Supply of Vitamin D3+K2, 5 Travel Packs with your first GET ON THE WAITLIST FOR ANDREA'S NEW APP Follow the Make it Simple Podcast Have a suggestion for a topic click HERE Have a suggestion for a guest click HERE Follow Andrea on Instagram @deliciouslyfitnhealthy Training & Coaching Visit Andrea's Website Produced by Light On Creative Productions
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