Muscle Activation: Tips for Firing Your Glutes
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Muscle activation is crucial for enhancing strength, muscle growth, and overall functional gains. Today Andrea focuses particularly on the challenge many face when activating the glutes during exercises like squats. Through practical tips and insights, she guides listeners in improving their mind-body connection to ensure effective muscle activation, emphasizing the importance of patience in this transformative process. Tune in to discover how mastering muscle activation can lead to transformative changes in strength and physique. GET ON THE WAITLIST FOR ANDREA'S NEW APP In this episode, you'll be able to: Understand the significance of muscle activation for strength, muscle definition, and functionality.Learn practical tips for improving glute activation during exercises.Explore the mind-body connection and its role in effective muscle activation.Discover the impact of injuries on muscle activation and how to address them.Implement techniques such as bilateral work and slow weight progression for optimal results.Gain insights into the role of massage, touch, and joint mobility in muscle activation.Receive guidance on checking and correcting form for better muscle engagement. Key Topics: Introduction to Muscle Activation: [00:00:00]Importance of Mind-Body Connection: [00:03:00]Ways to Focus on Muscle Activation: [00:05:00]Tips for Bilateral Work: [00:07:00]The Role of Injury Awareness: [00:11:00]Slowly Loading the Muscle: [00:13:00]Gentle Massage and Touch Techniques: [00:15:00]Unjamming Joints for Better Activation: [00:18:00]Form Check: [00:22:00]The Power of Patience: [00:25:00] GET ON THE WAITLIST FOR ANDREA'S NEW APP Follow the Make it Simple Podcast Have a suggestion for a topic click HERE Have a suggestion for a guest click HERE Follow Andrea on Instagram @deliciouslyfitnhealthy Training & Coaching Visit Andrea's Website Produced by Light On Creative Productions
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