Uncommon Culprits That Are Causing Core Problems With Dr. Lashonda Jones
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Andrea welcomes Doctor of Physical Therapy and Pregnancy Postpartum Trainer, Dr. Lashonda Jones, to discuss the key solution to help you achieve a stronger core, leading to better overall health and vitality. Together they discuss unlikely foes and encourage you to reclaim your core strength with uncommon strategies and shares her goal of helping moms achieve better overall well-being despite the compelling central conflict of postpartum struggles. GET ON THE WAITLIST FOR ANDREA'S NEW APP https://www.deliciouslyfitnhealthy.com/app-wait Follow Lashonda @ptrainershonda https://linktr.ee/ptrainershonda https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2u1MwXgJec/?igsh=OGNycTVwZjZseGxv The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:00 - Uncommon Culprits Causing Core Problems 00:01:33 - Importance of Sleep Quality  00:07:24 - Variations of Diastasis Recti 00:12:29 - Uncommon Factors for Core Health 00:12:36 - Importance of Total Body Strengthening for Diastasis Recti Healing 00:14:07 - Impact of Sleep and Nursing on Diastasis Recti Healing 00:16:52 - Importance of Proper Posture and Form 00:18:03 - Signs and Effects of Upper Ab Gripping 00:20:25 - Impact of Waist Trainers and Leggings on Diastasis Recti Healing 00:26:37 - Nutrition and Diastasis Healing 00:28:56 - Uncommon Strategies for Healing Diastasis Recti 00:38:27 - Seeking Individualized Help for Postpartum Healing 00:39:23 - Where to Find Support and Resources 00:40:12 - C-Section Recovery and Education 00:40:53 - The Holistic Approach to Postpartum Healing Make it Simple is sponsored by Cozy Earth Visit www.cozyearth.com to get 40 GET ON THE WAITLIST FOR ANDREA'S NEW APP https://www.deliciouslyfitnhealthy.com/app-wait Follow the Make it Simple Podcast @make.it.simple.podcast Have a suggestion for a topic click HERE Have a suggestion for a guest click HERE Follow Andrea on Instagram @deliciouslyfitnhealthy @dfh.training.pics Training & Coaching https://www.deliciouslyfitnhealthy.com/links Visit Andrea's Website www.deliciouslyfitnhealthy.com Produced by Light On Creative Productions
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