Shifting Your Mindset With Tessa Romero
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In this episode of the podcast, Andrea sits down with mindset coach Tessa Romero to explore the transformative power of shifting our perspective. Tessa, who specializes in mindset work for mothers, shares her journey and practical tips for overcoming negativity and embracing empowering beliefs. Together, they discuss the importance of reframing our "I am" statements to align with who we want to be, the pitfalls of justifying our actions with "but," and the value of journaling to stay grounded...
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Andrea dives into the debate between timed workouts and rep-based workouts. She is breaking down the pros and cons of each style, helping listeners decide which approach might be more effective for their goals. Andrea emphasizes that neither method is superior; it all depends on individual needs,...
Published 06/19/24
Published 06/19/24
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