Healing and Thriving After a C Section With Janette Yee
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Andrea welcomes Janette Yee, a perinatal athletic therapist dedicated to transforming the approach to perinatal healthcare. Janette discusses the intricacies and recovery strategies for women who have undergone C-sections. Her extensive experience and pioneering online programs offer groundbreaking insights and practical tips to help women regain confidence and strength post-surgery. Janetteā€™s expertise sheds light on a topic often overlooked in women's health, aiming to empower listeners wit...
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Andrea dives into the debate between timed workouts and rep-based workouts. She is breaking down the pros and cons of each style, helping listeners decide which approach might be more effective for their goals. Andrea emphasizes that neither method is superior; it all depends on individual needs,...
Published 06/19/24
Published 06/19/24
Andrea explores the profound benefits of diaphragmatic breathing, also known as 360 breathing, which emphasizes the expansion of the ribs, belly, and back. This technique is not only pivotal for adult wellness, particularly in strengthening the core and alleviating back pain, but also offers...
Published 06/12/24