Timed vs. Rep-Based Workouts: Which is Right for You?
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Andrea dives into the debate between timed workouts and rep-based workouts. She is breaking down the pros and cons of each style, helping listeners decide which approach might be more effective for their goals. Andrea emphasizes that neither method is superior; it all depends on individual needs, goals, and preferences. Which style will be the best fit for you? Have a listen and find out! Make it Simple is sponsored by Goodr SunglassesUse code SIMPLE at check out for FREE SHIPPINGh...
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Published 07/10/24
Published 07/10/24
In this fifth episode of the hormone series, Andrea dives into the often-overlooked topic of overtraining and its impact on hormones. She breaks down the signs and symptoms of overtraining, explaining how it can lead to hormone imbalances, particularly affecting cortisol, testosterone, and growth...
Published 07/03/24