Loving kindness Meditation 101
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In this freeform episode Kelly dives into one of her all time favorite meditation practices, loving kindness meditation. In this 101 episode she dives into a brief history and foundation of the practice, explains why it is such a powerful tool for self-love and forgiveness and the steps to practicing this style of meditation. At the end Kelly wraps up the episode by sharing why this practice can be great for kids and how it differs from T.W.I.M meditation. Thank you to our sponsor Betterhelp- visit www.betterhelp.com/minutes to save 10% on your first month Sleepcreme-visit sleepcreme.com More Mindful in Minutes Books Order Meditation For The Modern Family You Are Not Your Thoughts: An 8-Week Anxiety Guided Meditation Journal **Download 4 sample days from You Are Not Your Thoughts Here** Join MIM on Patreon here Order Meditation For The Modern Family Meditation TT 40-Hour Meditation Teacher Training is now open for enrollment Learn more and enroll here Let's Connect Email Kelly your questions at [email protected] Follow Kelly on instagram @yogaforyouonline Please rate, subscribe and review (it helps more than you know!) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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