Building body trust during the holidays
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During the holiday season, you may feel worried or stressed about maintaining your health habits with all the traveling, holiday dinners, and general routine changes. In this episode, Claire talks about how you can build a strong foundation for sustaining your health habits during the holidays by cultivating more body trust. She breaks down the concept of interoception, finding satisfaction in your eating experiences, and much more. Links: (View episode transcript) Download the (hunger and fullness scale) Other holiday episodes: (Dealing with family diet talk) (Food guilt) (What to do if you eat your feelings) (Are you a sugar addict?) (How to not freak out about the holidays) Keep up with all things Flourish. ✨ Use code (PODCAST) to get early access to the Flourish membership Follow (Flourish (@weflourishapp) on Instagram) Follow (Claire (@claire_siegel) on Instagram)
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