What to do when your partner DGAF about health, part 2
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In the 2020 episode of the same name, we gave you practical point-by-point tips for what to do. This time around, we're digging in deeper. Links: https://www.weflourish.com/podcasts/partner-doesnt-care-about-health-two#transcript (View episode transcript) https://www.weflourish.com/podcasts/017-what-to-do-when-your-partner-dgaf-about-health (What to do when your partner DGAF about health) (original episode) Keep up with all things Flourish. ✨ Join the Flourish membership Follow https://www.instagram.com/weflourishapp (Flourish (@weflourishapp) on Instagram) Follow https://www.instagram.com/claire_siegel (Claire (@claire_siegel) on Instagram)
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