Introducing body neutrality
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Body positivity is the only way to be nice to your body... right? On this week’s episode, Claire introduces the concept of body neutrality, how it's different than body positivity, and why we like to focus on body neutrality with our members. Instagram might tell you that all you have to do to improve your body image is tell yourself that you’re beautiful, but we all know it isn’t that simple. Claire understood the assignment, so she’s arming you with a few actionable strategies to turn negative body image thoughts into kinder, more compassionate statements about your body. Check out Riley’s article on the Camille Styles blog. Keep up with all things Flourish. ✨ Use code (PODCAST) to start your Flourish journey for free Follow (Flourish (@weflourishapp) on Instagram) Follow (Claire (@claire_siegel) on Instagram)
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