How to Build Create Crack-like Offers To 2x-10x Your Leads with Alisha Conlin-Hurd
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Alisha Conlin-Hurd, of Persuasion Experience, discusses the importance of crafting effective offers in marketing. She explains that an offer is what you put in front of someone to persuade and motivate them to take the next step with your business.  ​Alisha emphasizes the need for a series of micro-yeses throughout the buyer's journey and highlights the three core offers in a funnel: the authority beacon, the lead generation offer, and the sales offer. She provides examples of how she has optimized offers for different clients, including a luxury home builder, a finance company, and a home care provider. Alisha also emphasizes the importance of research, strategy, and execution in creating successful offers and shares her perspective on failure and learning from it in marketing. So, grab your headphones and get ready for a Persuasion Experience that will leave you craving for more! Chapters: 00:00:00 - Welcome to the Journey: Meet Alisha Conlin-Hurd!0006:46 - Marketing Dynasties: The Secret Sauce00:07:04 - Persuasion: The Heart of Marketing00:08:00 - Decoding Offers: What Makes Them Tick?00:10:20 - Sales Meets Marketing: A Symbiotic Dance00:11:20 - Content's Reign in the Marketing Kingdom00:13:27 - Lead Quality: The Marketing Gold Standard00:15:39 - Offers: The Lead Gen Catalysts00:17:00 - Micro-Yeses: Marketing's Small Wins00:33:20 - Market Mastery: Know Your Arena00:36:46 - Lead Nurturing: The Growth Formula00:41:47 - Test, Learn, Iterate: The Marketing Mantra00:43:20 - Patience: The Marketer's Virtue00:45:41 - Evergreen Offers: The Eternal Flame00:49:51 - Connect: The Essence of Marketing LINKS AND RESOURCES: Persuasion ExperienceAlisha Conlin-Hurd on LinkedInAlisha Conlin-Hurd on YouTubeCRO Masterclass With Alisha Conlin-Hurd, Co-founder of Persuasion ExperienceAlisha Conlin-Hurd on InstagramTier 11 JobsPerpetual Traffic on YouTubeTiereleven.comSolutions 8 Perpetual Traffic SurveyPerpetual Traffic WebsiteFollow Perpetual Traffic on TwitterConnect with Kasim on Twitter and Connect with Ralph on LinkedIn Thanks so much for joining us this week. Want to subscribe to Perpetual Traffic? Have some feedback you’d like to share? Connect with us on a href=""...
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