What’s Working (And What’s Not) Now on Meta and Google Ads With Nick Miller
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Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam, alongside guest Nick Miller, are discussing what’s working now in the nuanced world of media buying, specifically focusing on the latest strategies and pitfalls in digital marketing. They’re exploring the effectiveness of Facebook's Advantage Plus and Google's Performance Max campaigns, offering you a blend of expert insights mixed with a dash of humorous banter about life’s random musings—from marathon running to sushi critiques. The trio is giving a peek into the high-stakes realm of advertising algorithms and audience targeting, making it a must-listen if you’re eager to navigate the twists and turns of online marketing with a winning edge. Chapters: 00:00:00 Intro Sparks: Meet the Hosts & The Buzzing Telegram Community00:01:23 Event Horizon: Sneak Peek into Upcoming Attractions & Personal Revelations00:03:10 The Nick Miller Chronicle: A Journey from Avid Listener to Visionary Leader00:06:50 Unveiling Media Magic: Mastering Advantage Plus for Market Domination00:07:30 Strategy Session: Analyzing New Customer Acquisition Tactics00:08:45 Tech Talk: Unpacking Algorithm Changes in Advantage Plus00:10:10 Behind the Scenes: Exclusive Client Success Stories00:14:05 Audience Architects: How to Sculpt Your Perfect Audience00:15:20 Data Deep Dive: Exploring the Intricacies of Audience Data Integration00:18:10 Future Forward: Leveraging Trends for Tomorrow's Campaigns00:22:45 Strategy Sync: Deciphering the ACC Model in Digital Marketing00:24:31 Metrics Made Easy: From Basic Shopify Insights to Advanced Analytical Strategies00:26:16 Omni-Channel Overhaul: Why ROAS Falls Short in a Multi-Platform World00:28:21 Balanced Marketing: Seeking Equilibrium in Media Spend and Strategy00:33:02 Ethical Edges: The Contentious Debate Over Digital Advertising Practices00:37:10 Parting Thoughts: Looking Ahead to New Adventures in Marketing Mastery LINKS AND RESOURCES: SUPERCHARGE YOUR MARKETING ROIEpisode 486: How An ECommerce Brand Scaled From $1K To $15K/Day With Molly PittmanEpisode 440: Biggest Black Friday/Cyber Monday Mistakes With Kobi TopazEpisode 422: What’s Working Now In Facebook Advertising (Part 2) With Kobi And RalphAbout Advantage campaign budgetThese are the Google searches Brian Walshe made before and after killing his wife Ana Walshe, according to prosecutorsTier 11 JobsPerpetual Traffic on YouTubeTiereleven.comSolutions 8 a...
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