#3 – The Real Cost of Fat Loss
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As athletes, we're bombarded with messages telling us to get leaner. But is leaner always better? In this episode, I share my thoughts on the benefits and costs of fat loss and why it's sometimes better to work with the body you have right now. RESOURCES MENTIONED: Article on Rachele SchulistLife/Health Coaching With SarahTo schedule a coaching discovery call with Sarah, you can do any of the following: DM me on InstagramSchedule directly on my calendarEmail me through the contact form on my website
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Hey friends, just a little life update on some mistakes I was making and how I'm fixing them. Enjoy! Resources Mentioned: Join my email list for random life updates and bonus tips
Published 03/16/23
Published 03/15/23
I don't know about you, but anytime someone talks to me about "goal setting," my skin starts to crawl. Probably because I've done a million goal setting exercises that were a waste of time. And also because some of my best results were NOT produced by a three year plan or SMART goals. So how do...
Published 03/15/23