#19 – The Weight of Gold (Mental Health and Athletes)
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This week, I share some of my key takeaways after watching the HBO Documentary The Weight of Gold. Even as a recreational athlete, I related to many of the struggles these Olympians went through. If you saw, the documentary, message me and tell me what you thought! Resources Mentioned: The Weight of Gold (film)Sarah's InstagramSpecial OfferDownload a FREE meditative breathwork session for long COVID symptom relief — or any time you want to relax!
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WTF is this episode EVEN? 😂 It's so trippy, I had to share it with you. It's basically a replay of an Instagram Live. I wanted to share a message of hope that came to me while I was really deep in a past life regression during hypnosis class. And it involves whale and orca elders. P.S.: If...
Published 06/06/23
I've been in my "cave" a lot the past few years. Between COVID, family caregiving, and chronic illness, it's been easy to avoid connection and community. And in some ways it's been good. It's been a very creative period. It's helped me to figure some things out. But. I am also realizing...
Published 05/30/23
Published 05/30/23