#29 – PREVIEW: All the Shit I'm Creating Right Now
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In this episode, I share a little about how I've evolved as a coach over the last few months ... and all the new programs this has inspired me to create! Interested?  Be sure to join my email list. Questions? Email me at [email protected]. Special OfferDownload a FREE meditative breathwork session for long COVID symptom relief — or any time you want to relax!
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Published 09/14/23
Everything ends. Jobs. Relationships. Chapters of your life. Even versions of YOU end. And new ones come online. Sometimes change can feel amazing. (Let's burn away the old and make space for the new!) And sometimes change is upsetting and destabilizing. You might wonder if it means you're...
Published 09/14/23
Setting healthy boundaries is one of the best ways to practice energetic sovereignty and manage your nervous system. So in this week’s podcast episode, I'm going to talk you through ... 🌟 What actually are boundaries? 🌟 When is it appropriate to set a boundary? 🌟 An exact script you can use to...
Published 09/04/23